Video: Hey Senators: Honor Your Oath Of Office And Stop Obama!

This is what really bothers me…

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  1. Congress, get rid of Obama and holder and start fighting for WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

  2. You can't understand Obummer's actions unless you realize that he intends to take us down and blame Conservatives after it's over. Electoral college, don't allow a quorum on the the 17th so that the president will have to be elected by the members of the House. If there is a country who wants him, we'll even tie a red ribbon around him and gift wrap him.

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    I appreciate this video, this gentleman speaks the truth. What kind of congress sits there and does nothing? while a muslim dictator who is not eligible to be president is single handling destroying this beautiful country.

    Congress needs to be fired and replace by goodo red blooded Americans, real Freedom Fighters that will not put up with this nonsense of obamas. This is insane to what is happening to our country. Right now Washington is dysfunctional being run by a very corrupt administration. Some of these people needs to be investigated and put in prison for treason. We need to clean house and fumigate and the CockRoaches and Rats out.

  4. David1942 says:

    Thanks to Gabe Zolna for his fearless, patriotic and true commentary. I wonder if the newly elected Congress has even one patriot who will make noise and refuse to become part of the cover-up. One courageous soul could begin the political downfall and righteous judgement of the odorous cretins conspiring to "fundamentally change" our beautiful USA.

  5. how can we persade Congress to removed Obama from office?

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