Video: Here’s The IRS “Star Trek” Video You Paid For, America

Thanks to the sequester that Obama has been fighting, even though it was his idea, we might not get a sequel to the following masterpiece…

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  1. The government urging the uninformed to be rats! Propaganda! Doesn't surprise me though. And anyone that can cheat the IRS get's an 'Atta boy' from me. I would never convict a tax cheater if I was on a jury.

    • thestorm says:

      I would convict an illegal alien tax cheat,they cost &113 billion yearly in Fed. Gov. handouts alone,not counting what the states dole out to them. That's why CA.,N.Y. & other sanctuary states are billions in the hole. Then we have the criminals in prison getting tax returns. I would convict them. As for the hard working everyday American citizen,"no," I would not convict.

  2. To (thestorm) I'm with you 100%.

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