Video: Here’s One Girl Who Understands REAL Gun Control

When one Oklahoma girl found herself in a tough spot, she took matters into her own hands.

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  1. Tricia Anthone says:

    Way to go! I hope this story – one in which the possession of a FIREARM saved a child. The perp in this case had abducted another teenage girl before. God only knows what fate he'd planned for this child; likely rape and murder. She SAVED HERSELF from that fate by making appropriate use of her mother's gun. The police arrived too late to have saved her from this criminal. Had she NOT BEEN ARMED, he'd have gotten her.

    Bet we don't hear anything about this on the national media – it doesn't fit their "narrative"

    • of curse not , it is no news to the midia, man , wy dont we all stop listening to all those station , the are so wrapt up in ob , the need to take there heas out of his butt , and get some fresh aire , i`m surpriced the have not run out of air and gased them self , and has nothing to do whit ob so there , girl has gut`s

    • We need to pass stories like this word of mouth if necessary. Good for this girl and God bless her!

  2. If that child hadn't had the gun and the presence of mind to use it, the police would have been looking for her body…way to go mom and kid….now That is gun control…she had the gun and the perp had no control.

  3. WAY TO GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deepizzaguy says:

    Smart kid. You are really brave.


  6. good for her. she is a true trooper.

  7. This is as good a reason as any I have ever seen to encourage people to have firearms in a home. This girl could have been murdered or raped but wasn't because she did the right thing and so did her mother when confronted with the reality.In these times of increasing racial unrest, criminal activity and terrorist plots there is plenty of justification for it in addition to the 2nd Amendment providing you the right to defend you and yours and your property. And, such policy WORKS! See Kenneshaw, Georgia's record. In 1982, they made it MANDATORY to own and be proficient with a handgun. They have the lowest crime rate in the COUNTRY!

    • Squaredeal says:

      True Nikita, as I was a resident of the same time,Morton Grove,Il. outlawed guns, and their crime rate went through the ceiling.

  8. di from Oregon says:

    Brave little girl, good for her. This is the reason why we need to stay armed.

  9. good job

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Good girl

  11. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Why didn't we hear about this on MSNBC? Because it doesn't fix the "doxy". My only lament that the perp didn't die in that driveway. NOW we've gotta keep the simp alive in a prison for the next six months, then Finkelstein and Schmekel, Inc. will get him released because someone looked at him the wrong way. Then, he'll abduct yet ANOTHER girl, kill her, get five years, and then get released because someone noticed his race. You know the drill in Obama's world, don't you? We're in the Animal Farm, now: "FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAAAAD!"

  12. Now THAT is effective gun control! That 12 year girl obviously knows more about gun control than the Marxist usurper!

  13. The girl had gun control…she held it with both hands, and pointed it where it would do the most good.

  14. Why would a guy put a gun in his front pants?? You could shot off something rather precious.

  15. SEE real gun control really does work, and you can bet this man will not do as he almost got killed for illegally entering!

  16. The Media….mentioned in the KJV Bible in Ephesians 2:2 "the prince of the power of the air…Tv/Radio and etc Can you gues who is in charge of this media and this world? See 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV …it is the god of this woeld…..Satan…he comtrols it and alllll media and politicians!! Got it!!

  17. Great and good! Kid should be named the Durant Citizen of the Year.

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