Video: Has There Ever Been A Bigger Moron Than John McCain?

Mark Levin has become one of our favorite radio hosts because of his willingness to criticize Republicans like John McCain.

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    John McCain is not only a moron but also a traitor, most of every thing he does is in behalf of obama’s polices. John McCain should be backing Rand Paul, not trashing him. Rand Paul is one of the few politicians that truly cares about the American people. That goes to show where McCain truly stands.

    I like Mark Levin, he saids it like it is and he speaks the truth.

  2. McCain is just another rino licking the backside of obimbo. Cannot expect any more from an old traitor. Time to kick the bum out…….escort the bum out now!

    • El Rexbo says:

      Right on Mark and Dee! This old fool McLame should shoulder a great of the responsibility for the cockroach currently infesting our White House. His '08 campaign was so inane and stupid that it was painful to watch. He didn't try to win the election and wouldn't even let Sarah Palin express her conservative views and the views of the majority of Americans. Thanks a lot you old moron.

  3. SantaClause says:


  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mark is right John McQuack McCain is a moron and so is that spawn of a daughter he sired.This idiot never meet a democrat he didn't like just like his partner Grahamnesty.Together they're out to wreck the Republican party.He may have been a war hero but now he's just a crazy old man who gets off being in front of a camera and hoping all republicans listen to him.People of Arizone dump this bum.

  5. I agree with every word! All elected officials and every other government employee need to be tested before being sworn in or starting employment and periodically throughout their term/employment, that is if they pass the initial tests!

  6. nexgemesis says:

    In a nation as large as America there has to be someone more useless than McCain, I just haven't seen that person.

  7. Fred Schwartz says:

    As a Vietnam Vet; John please get off the stage; you are embarrassing all of us. Maybe it was the incarceration or torture, but whatever it was: you are a jerk. Sarah pulled you out of a hole and you pulled her behind you. We have suffered ever since. Go yo your home and sit on the porch.

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