Video: Harry Reid Calls Tea Partiers “Anarchists”

If only this man knew what he was talking about…

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  1. Karen Sensenig says:

    Harry Reid along with the rest of the Progressives are the Anarchists!!!!

  2. Fennec says:

    His experience with tea parties? What experience? It is my impression that he wouldn't even touch a tea party member with a 100 foot pole. His ears would probably bleed if he heard what they're really saying. But, he decided to whine and pull stuff out of his butt. The fact of the matter is, the tea parties are not the ones prohibiting the senate from working. He is. Four years and they have yet to do their job. Mister Reid? You can be replaced.

  3. Harry Reid this career LYING politician is the very worst a soft spoken CON MAN just like obama


  4. MSgranny says:

    My experience with you, Reid, is you are a lying POS

  5. wayne mann says:

    That’s okay if he calls us that we think he is an a-hole.!!!

  6. Harry Reid MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!!!!

    • Die obama says:

      Yes a slow horrible painful EXECUTION!!!! I think we should make him choke to death on illbombu's BALLS!

  7. elmcqueeen3 says:

    If Tea Party Folks are "Anarchist's" then Harry Reid and his constituent's are all "CommieCrats!"

    • wayne mann says:

      Let’s not forget we need to replace Holder as well.!!! I think Holder and Obama have something going on and they are really gay Muslum Terrorist marxist’s.

  8. Die obama says:

    This has got to be the worst of all Senators right now! He is just downright insain and trying to cram down all these constitutional breaking laws on the people! I want this guy to be hanged for treason and now not later!

  9. Idiot

  10. Sandi Sanders says:

    Propaganda is their game & it seems to have been working for at least 6 years now. Those poor lazy souls that love the lame stream & believe everything they’ve been told, haven’t a clue what a Patriot is or that showing Patriotism for our country is being American. They are lost. The only thing the current administration has accomplished is erasing milestones of progress. The battle has already been won by Christ. There is nothing non-believers can do about that. The US was blessed by God and founded on Christian principles. We grasp this concept yet, Harry Reid can not? Good People that worship our creator and value our Constitution yet somehow he among others are brainwashed to believe this is bad? More Propaganda just like the Nazis.

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