Video: Harlem Pastor Mocks Obama As Homosexual In New Song

Pastor James David Manning releases his hit new single, ‘Obama And Larry Sinclair Had A Steamy Love Affair’.

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  1. Whoops!! O's "cover" has been blown (as if Americans hadn't already figured it out)

    • The Bamster needs to be sent back to kenya, maybe he'll go if we offer some freebies and pay his airfare. It;s worth a try , how can we put up with this miserable POS for the next three and a half years ? Give us a break Brocky GO Home !!!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        PatriotOne I think if we built him a golf course and basketball court in Kenya he might go.We could also send Chris Matthews for his caddy,Chris would be only to happy to polish his balls

        • Edward this could work , you just might have found the right temption for this misfit and his worthless minions. And it certainly would be great if we could get rid of chris matthews at the same time and if we get lucky maybe the rest of those Matthews Flunkys that he surrounds himself with every Sunday. There is one thing I know that is not possible for Matthews to polish thats O'Bunky & it has to do with the oldest law of nature itself. And that is this : No matter how hard you try – you cant polish a Turd .

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            your right about the polish maybe Matthews can kiss his balls like he does on his show NoBalls

  2. Robert Miller` says:

    Just one of the many, many parts of Nobama's life that needs explanation to the fullest, but was never "explored" because he was never vetted—therefore, he's not elegible to be "president", whose roll he's definitely filled. Nothing about him is "presidential", honorable, honest, or worthy of respect. The OFFICE, yes, the MAN, no!

  3. Eye Of The Eagle says:

    I always said Obama sucks!!!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This black pastor will be now called an Uncle Tom,because all blacks are suppose to adore him even if he's a mongrel.

  5. Wish the Black Community would listen to this Pastor, because he speaks the truth, not like Obama who speaks with forked tongue. It is well known in the Chicago gay community that Obama and Rahm Emanuel both belonged to the same gay club and went to the same bath houses. Obama and his administration do not want the black people learn because then they would start asking question. This is why they did not want vouchers for schools in the DC school district or any other city for that matter.

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