Video: Hannity/Gingrich Expose Obama’s Big Libyan Lies

Sean Hannity interviewed Newt Gingrich last night…

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  1. Why is no one mentioning that (two much Candy) Crowley, Called Romney Mr. Romly at the very beginning to throw off the whole debate, but Romney recovered.
    If you will wake up, Taquiyya is a religious command in Koran to lie, it is an integral part of lsIam, 0bama's ring says "allah is the only god, therefor a lie is normal for him."

  2. At that time the video supposedly caused the jihad had only 200 views at the time of the attack, and
    I think I saw more that 200 people at the riot that kiIIed the ambassador, so where did they come from they didn't even see the video, and if Hillary is responsible for it has she claims, then she needs to step down, because the Marines weren't allowed to ammunition. If there is no correction then there is no responsibility, and if there is no punishment then there is no accountability.
    Impeach Hillary!

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