Video: Hannity: My Sources Say Obama Wants To Go Over Cliff

Sean Hannity told viewers last night that he had a source who met with Barack Obama at the White House…

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  1. Doesn't come as a surprise to me. What about sabotage do they not quite get? I see it, a lot of Americans see it. That's the thing. Obama isn't exactly going out of his way to hide his acts of sabotage. What he -is- doing is making it sound good to the public. Imagine if someone said, "I'm going to cut all the cables to the Golden Gate bridge." You'd probably think they were out of their minds. But then that person later follows up with, "But, it will be good for the bridge. It will look better, it will significantly reduce the fog, and it will reduce the toll. Trust me." Now, you might be a well educated person that knows what will happen if those cables are severed, but you're surrounded by people that think this person is right. Sounds good to them. The fact of the mater is, it is blatant sabotage.

    • You're right Fennec, it is sabotage. Do you remember his former Czar Van Jones (a self proclaimed communist) that was caugt on camera stating, "we are going to bring the whole system down." I knew at that point that Obama and his community of socialists had a very evil plan that would take America down from within. Perhaps the saddest part is the millions of people who are convinced that his "freebies" are worth it all. The ulimate selfishness. While the millions are getting their food stamps, getting free phones, free health care, and loads and loads of social services without the desire to contribute back to society, you collaspe society this way under the weight of the poor. He even wrote about it in some of the books he authored. The clues are everywhere if you pay attention. The good news, God says, "vengence is mine says the Lord, I will repay."

  2. VirgoVince says:

    Wouldn't it be great if WE could kick his ugly, pos sob mu-slime ass over the cliff and bury him with the rest of his regime?? Will WE ever be rid of this garbage?? Why didn't it happen 4 yrs ago??

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Just like global warming, the fiscal cliff is a hoax. A hoax perpetrated to hide the MASSIVE tax hikes that we will be hit with on the 1st from obamacare. It's also a ruse to hide the REAL issue, the debt ceiling.
    A quick and easy way to use that pen oblameo loves to show is to sign an extension on the Bush era tax rates for 6 months. Crisis averted.
    He knows to do that, he can't hide the massive tax hikes his monstrosity obamacare burdens us with.
    Oblameo will also be forced to face the real issue of the debt ceiling. He will be forced to face the OUT OF CONTROL spending going on.
    How nice we're in this "crisis" but the taxpayers can be made to give raises to the same people who caused this mess.

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