Video: Guilty Plea In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal!

I sure hope Obama is nervous…we are uncovering his fraud piece by piece!!

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  1. Jake Green says:

    This is SOP for the Democrat Party. Democrat Party is a Communist Criminal Enterprise…is anyone really surprised?

  2. Chris M is an idiot.

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    All Democrats are disgusting! Shame on everyone and anyone who votes for any Democrat!

  4. we the people,who are the real larry klayman,all we the people by me,will be supporting you ,we will be in florida on the 29,to hear the supreme court case against ovomit.we the people,all of us by me,are with you 100%.we have know for yrs ovomit is an ineligible traitor.god bless sherif joe and cold case posse,larry klayman,dr oily taitz.

  5. Al Metcalf says:

    Sooner or later those real citizens of this Nation are going to have to clean house and right this ship of state. Our Republic can not survive with the thieving crooks and thugs in power and making the rules to suit themselves…..
    It must happen soon or we will be completely overcome by the debt we are amassing with the gimmee generation. Those fiscal conservatives among us, need to band together and file a lawsuit against the Federal Government for Involuntary Servitude and push it into the SCOTUS. There is no place in the Constituion where the Federal Government has the power to give tax dollars to anyone or any purpose except for work performed in government employment. There is no Charity, Food Stamps or any other government giveaway authorized anywhere.
    The Tea Party is the perfect tool for this type of action……

    • Ralph Collier says:

      Al Metcalf you are 100% correct….except that SCOTUS will probably pass or rule against….they are as corrupt as the rest of washington…….no……everyone needs to be impeached, including the SCOTUS, and give dc an enema and start all over with some level heads that don't believe government needs to run our lives…….why are those people up there 5 days a week……..we don't need them there all they do is think up a next bill they can attach a tax and send it off for discussion……..what is it costing us to have all those criminals in dc day after day…… they ever do anything that will benefit the citizens…….it's time to start a new…….since – "We the People" formed this Republic that has now been turned into a democracy with corruption throughout…..time to cast it off and start back at the beginning with the form of government our "Founding Fathers" gave us…….a Republic….where "We the People" actually have a voice.

    • teddybear says:

      How would we go about getting the lawsuit started and who can we contact to make it happen? Would we need a certain amount of signitures? Maybe you could organize start a movement. I know I would be willing to help, just need instructions.

    • We Tea Party members in N.C. are working every day. Everybody needs to call, sign petitions, and write their Congressmen every week. Never let up. Attend as many rallies as possible, be educated with facts, names, times and places and never back down from a debate. Don't tolerate ignorance and emotion based retorts from Obamanites. Write letters to the editor of your local papers Dan talk to everyone you meet on the streets, stores, etc. Republicans and conservatives have been far to tolerate and civil to those who voted to destroy our country and to " legalize" stealing from us. Let them know that you, as the golden goose, think of them as traitors, cheats and liars. When you, as the provider, is gone whose " stash" are they going to confiscate then.

  6. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    so what nothing is going to happen.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Are you so sure about that?
      Should we just bow down and tell Arpaio and Zullo to quit with their plans?
      Sorry things aren't moving as fast as you want it to.
      Justice does take time….
      Instead of just being negative about it, inundate your Reps and Senators to do something about it.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        I'm hoping and praying that these congress people and judges listen to Arpaio & Zullo and not just white wash the igger.Just look at Fast & Furious and even Benghazi being swept under the rug to make Clinton & obutthole look like they did everything right.

  7. jamesbaxter says:

    well if he will step down now witch he wont, IMPEACH HIM NOW

    • Impeachment means nothing. The House would have to instigate impeachment. Two Republican Congressman have submitted a bill for impeachment; however, the Senate(dem controlled ) would never pursue the impeachment proceeding. Congress and only one Congressman( it would have to be from the Republican controlled House) could use the Quo Warranto writ to demand that Obama present irrefutable, unquestionable proof of his citizenship,his soc. sec number, and his selective service registration. The responsibility would be on Obama to prove his innocence in the many forged documents used to certify him as a presidential candidate. If both the House and Senate were Republican controlled Impeachment which should lead to charges of treason would be feasible but not as long as dems control the Senate. Obama is going all out to get dems elected in 2014 to take the House back; therefore Nancy Plosi wold become Hoouse Speaker again. She is as crazy a a sprayed cock roach!

    • an imposter cannot be impeached as he is not eligible to be president anyway.. he just needs a .223 put between his eyes…

  8. oldgringo says:

    Right On…According to Obama and the CommieCrats…There is no voter fraud or shenanigans going on within the ranks of the Democrat Party…As Hillary Clinton is so famously at saying…"It's those nasty Right Wing Republicans who are always trying to discredit us…Well Hillary…If the shoe fits…Please wear it!…Now if we could just find out who forged Obama's B.C. which was shown to the American public via the WH web site ….Wouldn't that be news?…So far no one in the White House has admitted to forging Obama's BC and no one has claimed they posted it either…How did it manage to get there all by its self…Don't you find that strange…Also no one has been able to find any of the 30 witnesses who were atthe Bengazhi Embassy when it was attacked by terrorists…Strange…I wonder if they are still alive… Why have they been silenced? Or have they been given executive priviledge by Obama that they need not be called to testify in the ongoing Bengahzi investigation! This president is capable of doing anything to keep the American people in the dark…So where is all this transparency that Obams promised us if he were to be elected as POTUS!

  9. ROBERT VEGA says:

    Wake up America Obama is here to destroy to destroy the US. He doesn't disclose his true birth certificate, nor his campaign contributions, he allows open borders and Mexicans and who possible terrorists are coming here in droves. He has enough ammo to shoot every American 5 times and I believe he has contimplated that possiblilty. The trouble is that no white elected official wants to challenge him because he or she will look upon as being "racist". Kiss my "racist white ass!" We are talking about the survial of our homeland, our famlies, and our lives. FBI, GET YOUR THUMBS OUT OF YOUR BACKSIDES AND DO YOU JOBS! We cannot afford to wait another minute! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  10. Robert Vega says:

    Now out comments are being censored….I was under the impression I lived in America where there was freedom of speech?

  11. He is an Indonesian citizen and a documented muslim who's own grandmother told of his birth in Kenya. His loyalties alone are enough to arrest him. He has sent out money out of country to build up our enemies to overcome us. He will not show his school records and the only reason to pay so much of our money to hide them is he did indeed apply as a foreign student. He gave up his US citizenship when he became Indonesian citizen if he ever had citizenship here. He has jihad and russian soldiers training on our soil stockpiled ammo and guns to use against who???? Bogus social security numbers and it goes on and on. He is a criminal. These people will take the fall probably to continue life. We have muslim brotherhood in our White House. Congress will not impeach for their part in allowing him on the ballot knowing he was not qualified would get them arrested also. That is also the reason they will not open an investigation or open his school records. Now Iran with Korea are threatening us with destruction and he will do nothing against his muslim brothers. We the people are going to have to save ourselves for no one else seems to care or be working for us these days.

  12. Robert Vega says:

    Kiss my back side WND! You have sensored my legitimate comments on this worthless president and your obvious worthless news has got nowhere in the past 5 years since that rectum has been president!

    • Sherlock Holmes says:

      Yes, his rectum as been the subject of much excitement in the gay community, along with much fun being pocked at it by his homosexuaI colleague. His rectum is his best attribute. There may have been talk of teaching him to walk on his hands backward so he could talk out his a$$ easier.

    • GrandmaAmerica says:

      I agree Robert, thats why I dumped WND and went to INFOWARS.COM.

  13. David1942 says:

    As in St. Joseph county Indiana, all that needs be done is get the goods on a couple of low level players, explain the situation to them and offer a plea bargain deal. They will sing like canaries. No one wants jail time for doing something that they were coerced into doing initially. It gets more difficult on the national level. More complexity with higher levels of fear.

  14. Is anyone listening????? Come on, you'll! If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, …. Come on!!! I'm so friggin frustrated! Enough already.

  15. I cannot wait to see him in hand cuffs ! He is a criminal and he is leading our country ! Go Zullo — our prayers
    are with you .

  16. Sherlock Holmes says:

    It seems that George Washington, the father of our country’s 335 year old vision, finally interpreted as the U.N, with a C0MMUNIST [dark red light], an African born president attempting to rule the USA?

  17. Schnable says:

    This man is evil. Dictator, yes. Our enemy, yes. However, 60,000,000 people voted to reelect him and the Tea Party didn't even vote! Now he has taken control of future elections by signing an Executive Order, over Easter weekend, removing future election regulation from the states to the White House. Thank Tea Party loons!

    • "…..removing future election regulation from the states to the White House. " I didn't hear about this. Can you give me a source?

  18. GrandmaAmerica says:

    Now that is what you call white trash. Remember their faces.

  19. Peaver Bogart says:

    November 6th election was a complete fraud and everyone knows it. I would also bet that the 2008 election was a fraud also. Why can't we count on our Congressmen and Senators to investigate this? Because they're all in on it evidently.

  20. jamesbaxter says:


  21. Obama and all the dems need to be arrested and put in jail. The hell with petitions and donations just arrest the Obama team and put them in jail for treason!!

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