Video: Grover Norquist On The Fiscal Cliff

The Left has labeled Grover Norquist an Ayatollah, terrorist, and dictator—just in the last week. Why is the Left so afraid of this man and what is his take on the so-called “fiscal cliff”?

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  1. I'm thinking of selling bumper stickers with the slogan, "Grover Drove Us Over."

    • Well, more power to you for wanting to open up a small business. Just hope that your product doesn't sell way too much that would require you to hire on more people and put you in that $250,000 a year bracket. At which point you're liable to be labeled as an "evil millionaire" and left struggling to keep your business afloat. Still, good for you for having ambitions. However, I have to wonder about your reasoning behind the slogan you chose. While I think this country will be driven over the fiscal cliff regardless, I just want to know how you figure it would be due to just one person when so many hands are in the mix as it is. Could you enlighten me? Additionally, do you think this was done deliberately or if it was allowed to happen for too long?

  2. Libertarians within the GOP should work with Progressives more and make a strong, united push for cuts on defense spending, drug war spending and other kinds of federal bureaucracy on which there is common agreement (for example, spying). This will leave disagreements about entitlements of various kinds, but the really big problems are these. I don't think Norquist is helpful for these purposes, because he is too much of an extremist, albeit not to the extremes that the Mr. Zane is crying about. Keep your eyes on the big problems!

    • You say “Keep your eyes on the big problems!” but your eyes are on the small problems…defense and drug war spending. You sound like a typical “Do As I Say Not As I Do” progressive.

  3. what a bunch of crap………….

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