Video: Grocery Store Shelves To Be Equipped With Cameras To Spy On Shoppers

Starting in 2015, high-tech shelves, equipped with built-in cameras, could appear in grocery stores to watch us and “get intelligence.” It’s called retail surveillance, and at least one company is moving forward with plans to track what you put in your cart.

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  2. This will only work with facial recognition software. ( Why do I think that the govt will end up with this info also? Imagine that!) Or maybe the chip everyone will (hopefully not) be required to have by 2015 or so would be the detection method at the register. Spray paint sounds good, but it would be considered vandalism, and you would have to carry the can of paint as well, not to mention the cameras may be too well hidden to know where they are. Need to find a way to thwart the recognition software without covering your face and looking like you're up to no good. Maybe cheek pieces that distort your face (suck on a big Jawbreaker).

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    What happened to the US,our freedoms are dwindling more and more everyday. It looks like big brother is here to stay for the working class and the so called poor.Ojigaboo is leading the charge to socialism.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Just another way we are letting our 4th amendment get pissed on!

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