Video: Gore Falls Back To Earth As Media Elite Taunt Global Warming Hypocrisy

I did not think I’d see these liberals turn on one of their own…

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    They the liberals didn't abandon Gore they still stuck up for his assinine global warming lies.Every time I see him it looks like he not skipping meals to save the planet from starvation.After they ask Capt.Planet about selling to the enemy they all say he has a right to sell to whom ever he wants too.

    • disgusted says:

      Hey Edward, my dogs and I HEARD a loud thump the other night………… THAT WAS WHAT THAT NOISE WAS! Fatso GORE HITTING THE EARTH! Geez, my dogs barked like crazy, and I actually got up to check and see if one of my trees had fallen! I have a couple of trees outside, and if one of them, or their huge limbs fell, that would explain such a thump, but wow! Tubby, Lardo, Fatso, THAT WAS IT! LOL! No, he sure ain’t going without breakfast, snacks, lunch, another snack, dinner, snacks, a twinkie and a ding dong, and a midnight snack or two, or three………………..he and Lard Ass Grape Ape, Fatty Oprah should get together, and have a tv reality show…………how to eat yourself to death. Do us all a favor and eat themselves into an early grave. “falls back to earth! THUMP, CRASH, IT”S A PLANE, ITS A HUGE BIRD, NO! IT”S FATSO GORE! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Excellent Idea it would be better then dancing with the so called stars or those lunkheadspretending to be on some island.Just to watch Fat Oprah Arbuckle Gore and the big ass Grape Ape Moochelle Obutthole shovel food down her throat like she did at the banquet would be a big hit.You also might get Hitlary Clinton
        to participate she is no skinny minny but you'd have to watch out for her blood clot.

  2. Oil is not the enemy. Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t an enemy either. Al Gore is a funny figure as Nobel Prize winner and losing Presidential candidate. Norway as 4th largest oil nation is Socialist as it is green. I heard that Norwegian couples receive washer/dryer gifting from their government when they marry. Oil is not the enemy.
    Media personas attack on Gore in above videon Impeach Obama Campaign website is trying to male a vague point about obligation of Nobel Prize esteem but their facts are so lacking in construct it’s a positive thing for
    political satire writers.

    Even oil companies know how ignorance in public attention failed to trace back most of profits during war on terror oil industry to refineries. And even worse, regional oil companies, like Canola oil producers in Australia benefit regional needs. Regional oil companies aren’t the same as transnational oil companies nor did Saudi Arabia OPEC affiliates believe oil prices reflected usual market supply and demand realities.

    The question for Al Gore isn’t why he sold his tv company to Al Jazeera, it’s why he didn’t use it for viable enterprises based on his own policies. It’s obvious having tv rights to shape public understanding is how our current dillema with news wire terror might be part of a national security interim policy approach based on lack of articulated war effort in Middle East instability. Even that uprising lacks any real reporting.

    It’s industrial news media’s fault that carbon emissions are used to demonize an otherwise viable argument
    for energy independence and reduction of carbon from industry use. Renewable energy never meant to totally end petrol-based economies. Technology does exist for reduction of emissions without anytrade and cap credit incentives. It’s ridiculous to see Matt Lauer look so miffed by hypocrisy.

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