Video: GOP Congressman to Obama, Stop Lying About Social Security Checks

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  1. aranoff says:

    Close Dept. of Education, and the Dept of…

  2. ironman56 says:

    Look at CNN' reporter' face, he can't BELIEVE that REP. WALSH would tell the TRUTH! Good for you MR. WALSH!

  3. Tell it like it is Mr Walsh Obama must think he is the boogeyman and I don't mean the KC song Boogie Man.

    • jr hatley says:

      President cant help it he is like a kid in a candy store his way or no way he blocks out what he dont like do you think he cares about American people

  4. Why would Obama stop lying now? Habitual liars lose the ability to talk straight. That is why even when he is reading prompts he gets confused because there is probably some truth in the prompts. He does not know how to tell the truth without getting balled up in past lies.

  5. Mike Tanco says:

    It's too bad all of the members of Congress don't have this gentleman's attitude about spending. He makes perfect sense when he says we need spending reform. Mike Tanco

  6. It would probably be difficult to find more than a handful of truthful politicians in Washington DC.

  7. Put Congress and the House on a percentage pay plan: pay them a percentage of what they can save our country.
    This would mean they would truly be working for the good of our nation to find ways and means to make us great once again instead of seeing how many ways they can stuff another few thousands in their own pockets. It's about clearing out the greed in DC.


  9. The Blue Collar Man says:

    This is a MILD encounter!
    I just saw a clip on Hannity, that seems to be this same guy, and he absolutely rips Chris Mathews a new a-hole. Ferocious is my best description.

  10. I believe that obama is mentally deranged. He is a dangerous man and I wish that congress would impeach him or someone would kill him . It would be a relief to be rid of him before he collapses the country. He is evil.

  11. Go to utube and type in "What is a communist?". There is part one and two. It gives a clear description in 10 minutes. You will understand why obama lies so much.

    • I am a former refugee from USSR, so I know why obama lies.
      The whole regim in USSR was baced on fals, lies, deception,divission, total control, brain washing,fear of the government. I left Russia vin 1976 for one and only one reason – FREEDOM, that`s why it is very painfull to see how obama, soros and all other lefties "Fundumentaly Transforming" USA to DSSA(Divided Soviet States of America)
      There was 16 Republics, 32 nationalities in USSR. All nationalities hated each other. And all of them together hated Russian Federation( RSFSR), because it was THE dominating Republic.
      There is NO EVIL Commynists ARE NOT capable off, in order to keep the power to control people.
      Obama is,absolutely, a Communist, dictator wannabe. Just look how he is acting.
      He is acting like a King, not like a president. One EXECUTIVE order after another, everything is done secretely, behind the closed doors. Totally disregards the Constitution, wich he took an OATH"TO PROTECT AND SERVE"

  12. marymary says:

    CNN: why is a picture of Obama painted behind your news commentator? Is it because of his deplorable poll numbers? That convinces me he IS your god! You would NEVER have Bush's picture up in the back, never!

  13. Joe Walsh is the real deal. So refreshing, sure is in contrast to Durbin the crook.

  14. " Is that apropriet to call the president a liar"
    Are you kidin me?! Does the president ( and he is not my president)
    gets a pasport to lie, when elected?!
    This pesident is lying when his lips are moving. All you have to do to prove it,
    is listen to his own words v.s. his actions since the begining of his DICTATORSHIP.

  15. obama voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 when he was a Sen. He can't remember when he was born, does not know how old he is. He has never voted for anything that would help this country, and since he has been in office, he has spent our children's and grandchildren's money.
    57 states?? come on. He has no common sense.
    Now he wants to raise the debt ceiling so he can spend more of our money and continue to ruin this country.
    He has to go, and the sooner the better, one way or the other.
    Yank, Alabama

  16. Ray Outwater says:

    Obahma is definitely Muslim. Muslims are allowed to lie in order to get elected. This is just as bad as 9/11 but less violent. I never heard of somone who wants to pull one of the only forms of money some seniors get. Obahma is definitely trying to seel america up a river. I say impeach him before he does any more damage. Don't be fooled he definitely is not a christian. No bible believing christian would be for gay marriage or abortion. It's time to get a God fearing president in office again. The only hope for America is Jesus.

  17. why are we paying for Islam Mosque in other countries and yet take away SS checks and medical for vets…It is all so ridiculous, it is hard to swallow what our government is doing to us…Hold them to the fire….make them tell the truth and blast them with facts that are proved and show it to them, they will still try to talk out of it, where is common sense .When is this crap going to end? When we are in a dictatorship? We are losing our freedom and our country .. I am just sick watching what they are getting away with….

  18. DominoEffect says:

    YEAH!! Refreshing to hear the obvious!! Obama's scare tactics are communist in nature!! Dictatorship style has to go!! About time he started working with congress!! OBAMA is OUT of here come 2012 and MORE Republicans coming!! No more democrats!! The ideologies don't jive and left over messes continue year after year!! STOP the insane spending!! Forget searching for more oil..we need to find a GOLD MIND somewhere to pay off our debts!

  19. If you all don't know where to cut, start by getting rid of the zars and attendants that no other President or his wife have ever had. I guess they think they are royal, I can tell them they are not at all. She is NO FIRST LADY! Then the General Electric pals that Do Not pay any taxes, let's get that fixed. Also his brother in law and all the buddies he has to pay back with our tax payer money. You all know that he is a lying CHEAT and not even a citizen. Let's just do what is right and IMPEACH him. Now they will try to play the race care, but we all know which ever color he picks, it doesn't matter, he is still the same Low Down individual as he was before. Send him home to Kenya.

  20. michael says:

    OBAMA IS A LIAR!!! He is a Muslim, that's why he bows to foreign leaders and quotes constantly from the Quran!
    He is constantly on Al Jazeera talking crap about the American people. He runs millionaires down and wants tax them out of this country. IF THIS AIN'T NWO, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! He is there stooge. HE HAS DONE NOTHING GOOD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! He has even betrayed the ones who got him elected. This guy is all the Bilderbergers needed to push there HELLISH PLAN TO RUN AMERICA INTO THE GROUND & IT DOES'NT MATTER WHO WE SEND TO WASHINGTON NOW THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE!

    • jimbo999 says:

      Stop with the "Bilderbergers" already. Obama is a Marxist and a Muslim. All of his friends are Marxist, Muslim, or gay. Those are the people who got him elected, along with Spooky Dude George Soros. Soros destroys economies of countries for fun and he is using Obama to destroy the US economy.

  21. Obama is unable to get real with the people or congress…or others in "Our" White House! It is ashame that he acts that this is all a big joke…the things he says and does…And the main, news media, just sweeps all of it under the rug…Is there one good man or woman who can hold the office of president and do what is right?! Unreal!

  22. Kangaroo says:

    SS has alreaad been paid for, It is our money we put in there. It isn't an entitlement program for those who paid into it for retirement. Now, there are some who haven't paid into it, and some who collect with out being retired, those may loose out.

    • Notice welfare and medicaid do not ever get mentioned when it comes to cuts. They get free phones(obama phone I've heard it called) of course food stamps, utilities (part of or all). I don't count people laid off or out of work as welfare, they are having a hard time because of this admin.

  23. immortal says:

    Stop funding every other country out there, stop funding illegals, he blew over 300 bill. last yr on illegals. That money would go a long way to helping the US. Get rid of all the people he has hired in the WH, just imagine all the money saved there. Enact the Fair Tax , get rid of the IRS so people can have the money THEY worked for to live.

    I crack myself up!!! That is how I stay focused on the FIGHT… during these unbelievable SURREAL…TYRANNICAL and TRAITOROUS TIMES!!! God help us…and God Bless America!!!

  25. jimbo999 says:

    I don't want Obama to be impeached, I want him arrested and perp walked out of our White House. You have to be President to be impeached. I don't think he is legally the President.
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it's probably a duck. If Obama lies about his BC, lies about his education, lies about the number of states, lies about his mother's health insurance, then he's a liar.

  26. IMPEACH NIGGER obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. IMPEACH LYING LOW LIFE SORRY S.O.B. obama NOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. skipfoss says:

    This lying peice of sht has never told the truth about any thing even where he was born He is nothing but a half breed son of a communist white trash whore and the lying bastard needs to be impeached tommorow. and his czars should be tried and prosicuted for theaft and lying to the American and made to pay back the money that they have illegaly been paid the president. Personaly I want to see him dead rather in prison I would be the first to volenteer for the firing squad for him soros the bilderberg s and the rest of the NWO bunch

  29. CNN said that no one gets his own way all the time? That is bull. The progressive/Democrats have sat on their hands watching President Obama destroy our way of life here in America. They passed a ruinous health care system for us without reading it and now Bill Clinton wants Obama to bypass the Senate. Isn't that what Obama has been doing all along?

  30. Why is this news caster acting so upset about calling obama a liar when Bush was in office especially the last two years he was called everything but human. This Rep Walsh has been making headlines for awhile maybe he should run for a higher office. I like what he and Rep West have to say. They are both teapartiers, so what, they sound American. Hopefully we can put them to the test in 2012.

  31. Chesley says:

    Thank God for Fox News and the internet! This is the kind of obfuscation we had to deal with for decades from the press. To sit there with a straight face saying "I don't know that we have the money for SS"… please! Would Bush, or any other sane leader have been giving that kind of cover? He, commentator, can't crack his stern face or poster, but says he's looked at these figures. I doubt it. Just check what the gov't takes in monthly from OUR paychecks, and quarterly from self employed, at least the ones of us still paying taxes. Ah, but that is another can of worms.

  32. The Liar in Chief, give me all the toy's I, want or I, will not play with you! He is so childish! Rather than get are Gov. in order, stop spending. He want's to spend money by borrowing money. The Interest on are debt along would be enough to give the Old and Disabled a increase in benefit's so they didn't have to buy dog food insted of human food. The abuse of the Welfare, Mexican benifit's alone. We are subsidizeing all poor from Mexico. We spend Billion's on Foreign corrupt Welfare. It, is going to have to stop, we can not keep going this way. Or we will self destruct. Of course that's what The Liar in Chief want's, total collapse and he take's total control. A self appointed Liar in Chief, Socialist Dictator. Those Repulsecons in Washington, look out, your time is short!

  33. Hey, if this country needs more money….. its a simple solution.

    Zero taxes for the tax payers.

    SHUT DOWN 90% of the government. Everything back to the people, as it WAS.
    ALL Politicians LOSE their salaries and Perks. NO MORE FREE RIDE.

    Let THEM work for minimum wage and the EXACT same perks
    the rest of us get, and don't get.

    Wanna bet the crooks will get out of politics fast?

    The only reason so many crooks rush to work in government is
    BECAUSE IT PAYS SO WELL. AND they don't do anything to earn it!


  34. Finally someone has the courage to address Obama's spending binge……I like this guy!

  35. Thank you Rep. Walsh. Call a lier a lier!


    Obama has never been to a real American Church the so call Church he supposed to been going too is not a CHURCH of GOD as the want to be Preacher is nothing more than a man who want too start a race war for Obama here in the USA for Obama .As the peacher is using the church to preach the DEVIL words and no preacher would used a Church to preach and call others races that they are all ways telling lies to the Black Peoples. As any preacher who is a real preacher will preach to his members too lives together and become brothers and sisters here in the USA .The color of our’s skin is the only different in evryone Race as we all were made in GOD eyes . If the Black would look they can see that its not the White Race are any race that been lieing to them its been the Obama from day one he has cost each and every race something since he been in office ,This is one man that we all of every Race need to stand up and run him out of the Whitehouse…

  37. I wish people would actually use their human powers of deduction and see where these white house policies are taking our nation.People are just too brainwashed, or don't want to think for themselve's. I know many people who think the government should provide for them, and they shouldn't have to compete in the job market to actually earn their own way in life.
    I believe in helping others, but I don't expect the government to take care of anyone from cradle to grave. That is communism and it has been proven over and over that it just doesn't work. It seems to be working in China right now, but if you look at it it's because the Chinese are becoming more capitalistic. People equals money, and the Chinese has a very large population.

  38. They use capitalistic methods to get the money, but still use the iron fist of communism to say who benefits from it. some day the people will wake up and realize that they should be benefitting as well as the high members of the communist party.
    When they have to compete on a level playing field and actually pay their people fair wages, they won't be growing as they are now. We as a nation have to get our jobs back from over seas and start growing our own economy if we ever want to be the great country, in the world scheme of things, that we once were!

  39. the only thing that has come out of Obama mouth is nothing but lies!!!! I can't believe that the impeachment process has not begun. The Social Secuity Lie is so transparent that he should be impeached on that lie alone.

  40. Avigail says:

    Mr. Walsh. You are awesome. Your analogy is not crude, it is totally true. Keep spreading the truth and may G-d be with you.

  41. Ron Alford says:

    He has raised the national debt 33% in just 21/2 years, from 10T to 15T dollars.

  42. I agree with Rep. Walsh.
    In the other hand what is Congress waiting to do something about Obama, are they waiting for the Country to be destroyed?( it is almost there). In my opinion the Republicans are not doing a good job, it seems they are afraid of Obama. Congress is supposed to represent the people who put them there but they are not they representing themselves. (maybe one or 2 want to do t he right thing) Come on Republicans, Impeach Obama or ask for her resignation.

  43. Gerald Mann says:

    We would be no where close to the debt that we have had Obama not gave money to the Arabs, Pakastanis, and everyone but where it belongs , here in the United States, we have US Veterns living on the streets because they can't get aid , while illeagle aliens ane getting checks, and free medical, Of course Obama wouldn't know anything about being a vetern cause you would never see him near anyone with a gun …

    • Bill Dion says:

      Gerald Mann, I totally agree with you, it is about time our government stops "giving" money to illegals who don't pay into the system, and billions of dollars going to other countries that are trying to kill us, and who don't give a rats a** about us except for the free money they are receiving. We need to start thinking about our own people, obama says the Social security is dwindling, No Sh*t, thats because he is giving our hard earned money to illegals, and you don't hear anything about that at all.

  44. George Ruff says:

    Way to go Joe! It's about time someone in DC had the guts to tell it like it is!

  45. monbimohfu says:


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