Video: Going USSR – Police Snatches Sign Away From Impeach-Obama Protester

On Saturday, August 17, 2013, several St. Louis area residents gathered at the overpass at Big Bend and Highway 40. They peacefully assembled in this public location to call for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. A Richmond Heights police officer confronted the group, took a sign away from one of the protesters, and demanded that they take down their signs and disperse.

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  1. Obama's Socialism During His College Years

    • In his memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama recounts that he chose his friends “carefully” at Occidental, so as “to avoid being mistaken for a sellout.” Among those friends were all manner of radicals, including “the more politically active black students,” “the Chicanos,” “the Marxist Professors and the structural feminists.” Further, Obama writes that he and his similarly “alienated” college friends regularly discussed such topics as “neocolonialism, Franz Fanon [the socialist revolutionary], Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.”

    • David Remnick’s highly sympathetic biography of Obama—The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama—confirms that the future president and many of his closest friends at Occidental were unquestionably socialists.

    • John C. Drew, an Occidental College graduate who knew Obama personally in the early 1980s, reports that the young Obama of that period was “already an ardent socialist Marxist revolutionary”; was highly “passionate” about “Marxist theory”; embraced an “uncompromising, Marxist socialist ideology”; harbored a “sincere commitment to Marxist revolutionary thought”; and was, in the final analysis, a “pure Marxist socialist” who “sincerely believed a Marxist socialist revolution was coming.”

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  2. The Shared Agendas of George Soros and Barack Obama
    By Discover The Networks
    February 2011

    While George Soros was busy bankrolling his battalion of established activist groups and launching a few new ones of his own, he quite naturally looked toward the upcoming presidential election of 2008 with great anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day when George W. Bush would finally leave office. The question was, who would replace him? In recent years, all indications had been that Soros favored Hillary Clinton above most, if not all, other potential Democratic candidates for President. But now there was a new face on the scene¯a young, charismatic U.S. senator from Illinois named Barack Obama¯who seemed not only to share virtually all of Soros's values and agendas, but also appeared to be a highly skilled politician who stood a good chance of getting elected to the nation's highest office.

    In December of 2006, Soros, who had previously hosted a fundraiser for Obama during the latter's 2004 Senate campaign, met with Obama in Soros's New York office. Just a few weeks later¯on January 16, 2007¯Obama announced that he would form a presidential exploratory committee and was contemplating a run for the White House. Within hours, Soros sent the senator a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable under campaign-finance laws. Later that week, the New York Daily News reported that Soros would support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, though Soros pledged to back the New York senator were she to emerge as the nominee.1 But it was clear that Soros considered Obama to be the more electable candidate of the two. Most importantly, Obama's economic and political prescriptions for America were wholly accordant with those of Soros.

  3. Apparently, "someone" doesn't want us to view the video. It just disappears when clicked on. Is this the beginning?

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama was raised as a spoiled brat, his mother and grandparents coddled and spoiled the man-child boy during his formative years. Spoiled brats tend to become narcissistic, demanding, and disrespectful. Spoiled adults tend to have an overestimation of their talents and abilities and shirk responsibility if anything goes wrong. They must always be at the center of attention. The now Tyrant-in-Chief and his goons are embarking on a Third Position journey of Fascism. Somewhere between a socialist and communistic state lies Obama’s delusional grandeur that will play out in his warped mind. Obama does not care about any law, because he is above the rule of law. Obama is famously vindictive against perceived disloyalty, the administration would not let anyone get away with scolding them for failing to show the leadership necessary to bring this country together. He just sees us as obeying sheeple of big brother. Our taqiyya-in-chief demands upon his “stupidly” followers to be lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical cronies to keep us from our first amendment rights. As soon as the truth comes out and he is determined to be a terrorist traitor (he will be impeached), then round up every one of his henchmen (Holder) and hang em all in front of congress to bring this nation back together.

  5. The cop MUST be EXECUTED!!!

  6. ALL N****RS are SAVAGES and MUST be EXTERMINATED!!! Starting with Obama!!!

  7. VirgoVince says:

    How many cops against how many residents????
    Get my point?? Time FOR civil disobedience and don't back down!!!!

  8. sreynolds says:

    If we had a decent AG these cops wouldn't be doing this stuff, also the recent spike in black on white crimes, you know young blacks beating to death 80 and 90 year old white people, is do to the fact that by example (black panthers ) black people will NOT be prosecuted by for committing crimes against whites. If this stuff continues, they will force a race war, and that my friends won't be pretty. There are approximately 40 million "african Americans in the US and, approximately 200 million white Americans…. I'll take those odds any day…..

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