Video: Go Ahead, Put Alligators in the Rio Grande, Says Congressman

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  1. Just maybe that's the best idea Obama's ever had!!!! AND, just maybe someone just might try to do that. Can Alligators live in all the climates along the border and in the Rio Grande?

    • These creatures can live in the waters of the Rio Grande with all the illegals and dope dealers crossing every day.
      I say we need to put gators in the Rio Grande feed 'um.

    • Michael says:

      Alligators live, actually thrive, in the bayous of Louisiana and the Everglades in southern Florida. So, I don’t see why they couldn’t adapt to the Rio Grande, although they may suffer from occasional “food poisoning” from a diet of wet-backs and smugglers. Maybe, in addition to the alligators, we would need to periodically introduce some concentrated ant-acids into the river to protect our “security force”. I think it would work.

  2. no,no,no,if you do this you would get people who are defenseless,children,common folks,who should not be here,but should not die because of it.if we as a people stand together,and ignore the idiot in washington,and use texas and arizona people and close our borders to the cartels,and criminals from all over the world, and tell the feds there is a piece of mistletoe on our coattail !!!

    • James Cumber says:

      Even a Mexican "illegal" is probably NOT stupid enough to deliberately wade into gator infested waters: if they ARE that dumb, it serves them right! One cannot "cure" STUPID!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      People who are defenseless like children, common "folk" etc, would not be in harms way IF THEY OBEYED THE LAW! None of this would be necessary if people would OBEY THE LAW and not enter the U.S. ILLEGALLY.

    • Ted taxpayer says:

      Then they shouldn’t cross!pretty simple no one ever said we wouldn’t warn them with signs and media

  3. John Henry Reaves says:

    interisting video … but I never heard Rep Walsh say anything here … Still Aligators, the Electic fence from Lost World, and even 50 cal machine guns linked to computer guided motion decectors will not stop the problem, until we start to enforce our existing laws, seek and boot all illegals in our border, and jail all employers who knowingngly are involved in employing them … the taste of coming here must be so bitter that they will never do it again, or else they will never stop.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Unfortunately, Obama has ICE agents busy dealing with a more serious issue, pirating off the internet.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You have an excellent point and as Seeks the truth says the Obuma government is to busy selling guns to the drug cartels.

  4. Linda Kelly says:

    It certainly is refreshing to hear someone stand up for the American people on this issue. Maybe Obama finally had one good idea. It's time to face the facts either this country is the USA or it is Mexico. Build the moat. Let's secure our southern border just like Mexico secures their southern border

  5. Ross Blankert says:

    Plus you need to put land mines every few feet for the entire border area. Protect our border and stop the invasion.

  6. His comedy attitude shows his intelligence, ? What he has some? No.

  7. How about we just enforce the laws we already have on the books. I would end the anchor baby scam tho, since mexico claims they are mexican citizens, send them all back 2. Every time they hold a rally show up with ICE and a bunch of cattle cars. If your legal no problem, if not get on the bus. I have to carry ID so do you. Get over it. I’m tired of supporting criminals including the ones in DC.

  8. James Cumber says:

    Gators in the Rio Grande: what a novel idea! Of course, seeing the bastard in the White House (after all, he was conceived "out of lawful wedlock") finally "hoist by his own petard" is an additional "PLUS"!

  9. Billy Mills says:

    I thought of that again the other day, I'm in TOTAL Agreement. GET ER DUN, Also, I was watching the news about the Illegals are still coming across the High Fences and the Idea Struck me that I would Love to Have a Job down there. I NEED THE TARGET PRACTICE. AND THESE BORDER STATES WANT TO GO TO THE EXPENSE OF BUILDING FIRING RANGES, THEY'VE ALREADY GOT THE BEST ONES YET, "THE BORDER FENCES", THAT'S ALL THE EXPENSE THEY NEED……………….Billy Mills TEXAS

  10. GREAT IDEA…… Then make Barack Hussein swim across.

  11. scot_belle says:

    Looks to me like Obummer finally came up with a good idea, and my TX-Cajun blood is yelling, YAY!!….I can see it now, all of those alligators needing to be re-located due to their high numbers there in LA and FL, could be re-located to the Rio Grande. There could be additional signs added to the ones warning Americans of the hazard of being so close to the border. BIG SIGNS depicting hungry gators, and without words, should be all the deterrent for the average person that could possibly be required. …THEN additional signs, in spanish, could also be added…….that informs those attempting to ford the river, that it is much safer to enter through a border crossing. As-a-matter-of-fact, it would probably be cheaper to increase the number of official border crossings, verses trying to build such a huge fence…where to enter the U.S. would require ONLY a photograph, short health check, and fingerprint system. At least this way, we will know who is here, and if they break the Law then the various Law Enforcement Personnel…can irrefutably identify them. This policy, might just be as effective as the alligators in the Rio Grande, in deterring those who are inclined toward illegal activities.

  12. I have been saying for years—we don't need a fence we need a wall. I had something like the Great Wall of China in mind. It has protected the borders of China for 100's of years. Also I just love those cute little gun houses on top of it. When the wall was built (with captured slaves) they worked them until they just dropped dead. Them they just threw their bodies into the deep trench then built the wall on top of them. That way the work never stops. Sounds like a good idea to me. We just need to stop deporting them and teach them a trade (like wall building)


  14. Brenda Anderson says:

    I'll buy the first alligator!

  15. I remember saying somthing about a mote and gators in a blog some time before obeyme sid some thing about it in his speach so it kinda makes me feel some one in the white house is reading the blogs. The only thing is he was trying to make joke out of it while I was extremly serius about it, and now a congress man is saying the same thing except using the Rio Grande as part of the mote. On top of that all them gators getting to eat so good would make some hunters some good money when gator seaon was open in the size they would grow from all that food. Another thought the gator meat would be pre seasoned and maybe a little on the spicy side.
    God Bless America and Our Troops Past Present and Future.
    Keeping to My Oath Locked Loaded and Keeping My Powder Dry.
    Get the US Out of the UN and the UN Out of the US

  16. Seeks_the_truth says:

    What about if every American who is sick and tired of illegal aliens coming in and trying to take over America gets their one brick and mortar and places it at the U.S./Mexican border. (extra bricks are allowed) If Obama doesn't want to build the wall, let we AMERICANS do it!.

  17. This is NOT the first and only Impeachable offense Obama has done, he is racking them up! I am as sick as hell over this man doing what he is doing! More proof that he is NOT an American and one more reason he needs to go!!! I should run for president just to provoke someone to see what needs tobe seen!! Get this man out of here!! IT IS GOING to take "SOMEONE" serious about their congressional dutues to "STAND" up and make this man accountable! He needs to do his damned job!!! or be held in contempt!!

  18. Theodore Santuae says:

    Let's not talk about impeachment . Lets get on with it!

  19. CHUCK T says:

    I love the idea of the aligators and the moat.Michele's trip to Africa cost the taxpayers $800,000 .I hope she and her wonderful husband will take a trip to Mexico and stay there with his future voters.Ship all illegals back including Obama back to Kenya.He has done enough damage to this country.

  20. hedgehog says:

    This man , or better yet Idiot is about as funny as screen doors on a Submarine. Obama is now taking quotes from e-mails that have been circulating for some time about building a mote between the US and Mexico and filling it alligators.

  21. ANTICRIME says:

    Gators or Crocks won't make any difference to people coming across the RG in boats. If the area was conducive to their propagation then they would already be there. ~ Just to set the record straight; crocodiles are the true "man-eaters", as they tend to be aggressive toward humans. Alligators are much less aggressive and are usually spooked away by human adults…but dogs and small kids beware! (From a Florida resident)

  22. The old heroin runner ain’t got a funny bone in his body. Those bracket fungi growing on either side of his head are a gut buster. Seriously , the U.S. Army would work wonders on our border, bring them home and protect our Country from invasion, we have no business being any where else. Our leaders are complete failures.

  23. just because you and soros and other croneys are pushing for one world open borders does not mean the rest of us are going along with your grandious plan to rule the world. Our creator God warned us of this 1000's of years ago. You have deceived yourselves into thinking you could win this!! Well you won't win…the only prize for you is eternity in hell with the reptilians. I pray you find the truth for your childrens sake. what are you waiting for…Impeach this imposter

  24. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    After they put the alligators in the moat, why don’t we just toss in Obama and most of the administration.

  25. Edwardkoziol says:

    Our oreo president in his speech said we citizens(only conservative)want to put gators in a moatbut so far Sambo hasn't even starting digging the moat and I'm sure we could and would invest in the aligators.They should start putting them in the Rio Grande.His main reason for not doing this is he needs the vote and the support of that hispic senator from NJ.I'll bet there are spanish people who did it the right way would want to deport the illegals.

  26. Redd Frogg says:

    What would stop private citizens from stocking the Rio Grande with alligators? Just saying.

  27. pleadnthe5th says:

    boy I tell you, this man really is "Presidential" is'nt he? He has so cheapen the office of President it may never be the institution that it once was ever again, a lying, two-face double talking hipster and teleprompter and blackberry reader..God I can't wait until 2012

  28. pleadnthe5th says:

    He should be the first one thrown in there……

  29. This so called Man, makes me puke each and everytime he opens his mouth to talk,, Someone PLEASE,, In OUR GOVERNMENT in the USA HAVE THE BALLS TO STAND UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING and get this piece of SHIT out of the White House, He has done ENOUGH DAMAGE,,,My lord people WAKE THE HELL UP

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