Video: Glenn Beck Calls Obama A Girl

Glenn Beck has taken it upon himself to officially “revoke” President Obama’s “man card.” Beck was responding to the president’s comments to CBS News’ Scott Pelley during a pre-Super Bowl interview that he’d “have to think about it” before letting his hypothetical son play football.

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  1. The Chick-in-Chief can't help it — that is what he is. And chickens bully as he has proven time and time again. Today, we find out he can order a drone attack to anyone he deems "suspicious" as aiding al ky da — they don't even have to be heard by a judge and jury, just kill 'em. HMMMMMM…..wonder if he's exempt since he has sent jets and tanks to our BFF's (the MB in Egypt). Since everything he does or says is exactly 180 of what he means, he probably means that if anyone DOESN'T aid al ky da, THEN they have a drone attack ordered on them.

    I apologize if this doesn't make sense, but I am so frustrated at the condition our nation is in right now and I don't know what to do about it.

    • flip one over says:

      I know the frustration you have, I have been carrying it with me for over 4 years, and worried about it for the 8 years preceeding that.

  2. Why are you comparing this fag to a girl. Hell, we all know women who have more balls than odumbo could ever have. Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin. Hell I could go on and on. Tell it like it is. He is a lilly white fag.
    Call a spade a spade.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Yes he is a fag but he is only a half lily white fag.Your right there are more conservative woman with more balls then Sambo.

  3. You said it jlbs. Anytime he does have something to say that sounds good on the surface, you can count on finding out what the dirt was about it he kept swept under the rug for as long as he could. He is a little bully, and what is supposed to be good for us, he sets himself and his regime as being too far above to have to have anything to do with. And Transparency??? Sure! – He's a Transparent LIAR, a Transparent CON, a Transparent FAKE, a Transparent NON-AMERICAN. – You can have a BC, which he doesn't from here, & still be against America, – which he is, – and do, as he's done, more than enough to prove you are non-american. He has aided, and I'm sure is, aiding the enemy, and it will be tried to be covered up again, just as they all tried covering up and lied about having our people in Benghazi murdered.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Glen is right about Obutthole being a tranny.The little skinny burrhead doesn't want his son Treyvon playing a mans game maybe he should sign him up for the langerie bowl.Remember they use to call Walter Payton sweetness well Obutthole can be called pussylips.

    • spelunker7 says:

      Everyone knows all that. Do you have any suggestions about how to get rid of him. or are you one of the com,plainers who did not vote in November?

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        What is your most recent action to make a difference? Or are you one of the people who like sitting in judgment of others opinions or comments?

        Time for you to get off your soapbox.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        For your information ever since I turned 21 and was able to vote I have never missed voting on the Federal,State,City or County level even the school board elections.I'm 70 now so stick that in your ear besides if you don't vote you have no right to bitch.As far as suggestions non that are legal because we have to many liberal judges.

    • disgusted says:

      This ugly, BUTT UGLY PEICE OF DICK HEAD WOULDN”T EVEN MAKE A GOOD GIRL! Hell, I have more BALLS than he does! HE hides everything, I have NOTHING TO HIDE! And, when pushed into a wall, I do come out fighting, there is not a choice when faced with threats and intimidation. And, @spelunker, yes, Ed and I DID VOTE! So, as to your question as to if we are “com.,plainers” or not, and do we have any suggestions as to what to do, well, the same can be asked of you, do you have any good suggestions as to how this evil can be combated, how this wicked, homo peice of slimey shit can be flushed down the sewers as any turd should be flushed? We welcome all suggestions! Beck called him a Girl, I call him many, many other names, and others, still more names and insults, and so far, none of us, including Beck, have had any suggestions as to just how to rid this nation of this infection of a cancer/boil/plague, so we welcome any and all ideas as to how to unseat, overthrow, dislodge, get rid of HUSSEIN, THE ENEMY WITHIN! Let us know……we are very interested, and we will be waiting. Voting didn’t help, so there has got to be a better way……….

  5. This is the same a..hole who mocks truthers and birthers. You never know what side of the bed this phony is going to wake up on tomorrow.

  6. spelunker7 says:

    He has the approval of more than fifty million voters and three million Republicans didn't even vote. In essence, they voted for Obama by not opposing him. Their logic is baffling. Now they won't take responsibility for his reelection, Guess they enjoy all the welfare just like the liberals. They are first class hypocrits. I don't agree with the liberals, but they do vote for what they believe in, unlike the no-show Republicans.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      So you believed the democratic propaganda that 3 million Republicans didn't vote?
      And here I thought it was the evidence of voter fraud that happened. Two Democrats so far are in custody on voter fraud charges. Too bad there is a law that prohibits the Republicans from challenging.
      What about the military vote that was suppressed that allowed them to place oblameo back in office? Guess you didn't hear about that either.
      Talk about hypocrites. Those who call themselves "Republicans" but believe the propaganda lies that come from this "administration" instead of the evidence shown.
      Fall in line…

      • spelunker7 says:

        No. There were 3,000.000 fewer Republican votes for Romney than for McCain. Tea Party loons were the only ones who advocated NOT voting. That could have no other result than to make it easier for Obama to win.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Do you know that obama also received 100,000 LESS votes than McCain did and 10 MILLION less than he got in 2008? Guess that fact doesn't matter does it?
          So obama got 10 MILLION less votes in 2012 than he did in 2008 but yet there was a 98% Black turn out that voted for him? Obama got 75% of the Hispanic vote but yet he still got 10 million LESS votes?
          Are you blind or willfully ignorant?
          Yet again you fall for propaganda. You ignore the evidence of voter fraud and voter suppression. You are a brain dead liberal resorting to name calling of those you don't agree with.
          Unfortunately, people like you are the problem. Deaf, blind and willfully ignorant.
          How does it feel being a follower at the back of the line?

          • spelunker7 says:

            I don't recall saying anything about how many votes Obama received. In the final tally of voters, three million fewer Republicans voted for President than in '08. The point being that after 4 years of complaining and vicious attacks on Obama, they did not go to the polls in sufficient numbers to defeat our dictator. There were also 8,000,000 fewer white men that voted, I doubt many of those were Democrats.

            I worked for three years in various of the Republican campaigns including Romney's. I spent my own money and did not desert my party by not voting like my neighbor and his TP buddies. You wouldn't like him at all, he proudly claims that, nationwide, the TP convinced more than three million Republicans not to vote for Romney. Have received several messages making the same claim.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            No, you didn't make a comment about the loss of 10 million votes for oblameo. You picked which propaganda fit your agenda.
            So where is the proof that 3 million Republicans, or anyone else, didn't vote for Romney? What is known as fact is the military vote was suppressed. That's an easy million in votes there. The 59 districts that claim there were NO votes for Romney has been challenged by the ones who DID vote for him. Last I understood the machines that malfunctioned are still being analyzed. Has anyone explained how 2,000 people voted when there were only 1,100 registered?
            Are we to take the oblameo administration at their word? There is overwhelming evidence of fraud, but you choose to accept the propaganda they pushed. Why do you defend the propaganda and abandon the facts?
            So your contention is that if there was a recount, Romney would still lose? Are you sure? Could that be why we were denied a recount? How blind you are.

            You've only been active in politics for 3 years? Try since 1983 as I have. Sounds like you only got involved because you didn't like oblameo. I got involved to make a difference, which I have. I've been on the Democratic, Republican, Independent and Tea Party sides. Who ever is best for my country is who is given my vote and dedication. I don't follow a group 'just because'.
            In fact, I was a high ranking union Democratic official when Senator Oblameo came on the scene. When I first met him I knew he was not what America needed. I sacrificed my job, my income, my health and more than you can ever understand speaking out against him. I was warned, then threatened but it didn't stop me. Hasn't to this day even after they made good on the threat. It was also the first time our Unions SuperPAC was given to a Republican.
            Want to compare dedication? Really?

            You follow in the steps this 'administration' wants, shift blame on Tea Partiers. You are so right. How dare someone want to follow the Constitution! How dare Americans demand Congress be fiscally responsible! How dare the peasant public feel they can control the gods.
            It could be turned to say you destroyed the only chance we had at reclaiming America by not voting for Ron Paul. You sold out your morals and values to go with the flow.
            I don't remember the TP saying don't vote Romney in the final stage. When he was up against Paul, sure they did, but in the end it was passed Romney is the only choice like it or not. And for the record, I'm not a big Ron Paul fan either.

            I'm curious where you get your information. You might need to turn off the LSM and get your info straight from the source, and I don't mean this site either.
            It's obvious you've been given some bad misinformation on the Tea Party. I suggest you look into them yourself. You just might be pleasantly surprised.
            Considering I'm not a Tea Partier, I should have received the emails of the claims you made. Funny how I haven't.

  7. I think he is a Switch Hitter…half male half female.

  8. anastasia says:

    his man card was revoked a looong time ago when he decided he liked men better than women

  9. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    Glenn Beck may be more right than we know. Ever watch him throw a baseball? The liberal left made a god out of this foreign intruder and they will bow down to their man made god and even forfeit their freedoms to elevate (him, her) to a dictator. The government elect who are supposed to work for us, are lording over us and threatening our very freedoms and Our safety. From the whitehouse on down, we need to impeach, recall and petition and by all means, hang on to your guns because they are arming certain agencys at an alarming rate and for no good reason. Forever sovereign, forever free.

  10. My comments are being blocked, because "they are a little too long" ! Sorry, Seeks_T_ Tr. Your Dem buddies are protecting you . Guess they are mad that I was a part of the group that gave $30 million to various Tea Party candidates. Turned out those candidates, that they selected, were poorly educated not qualified for public office

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Since censorship is your belief, it's your own Dem buddies that's blocking you.
      Talk about being poorly educated, those with intelligence like myself know how to get around the "little too long" issues.
      You really need to quit contradicting yourself. So did you give "$30 million to various Tea Party candidates" or are they "Tea Party loons" as you have stated just below? Does that make you a loon when you joined or now that you're dismayed?
      What's pathetic is losers like you who donated $1 claiming to be "part of the group that gave $30 million to various Tea Party candidates." As long as it makes you feel 'big', right?
      It would help if you could decide what you believe in. Then your attempts at slander might hold some credence. Might being the key word.
      Tea Party representatives are poorly educated? It's not like Dr. Paul was a community organizer as your king was. He's only a lowly physician.
      Any other dreams you've been having? It's time to wake up.

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