Video: Giuliani: Benghazi Will Haunt Re-elected Obama

Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani says Obama won election, but his administration will still have to answer for Libyan terror attacks at hearing.

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  1. OH GOD I HOPE THIS HAUNTS HIM & we get some REVENGE…as BO would say!!

    • Revenge is mine saith the Lord. I cannot believe you guys. Most of you claim to be Christians too, Honey I don't know what churches you attend or what Bible you read but my says God gives us Free Will meaning we have a choice. He does not make us love him that is our choice……Read your Bible it says this. America is not going to prosper because as Americans we are against each other not because of the President. You say it's not but it's all about race. I don't hear anybody griping about Bush and look at the debt he left. I am so sick of Republicans who try to push their beliefs on others. I have news for all of you, I have a choice and you will not get me to believe as you do. No I don't believe in abortion but who am I to judge, it' is simply a womans choice. I do not believe in Gay marriage either but that is not my choice but those who do it. Judging is not our job, the Bible plainly states that! All I can say is I pray for the ones who think like you guys. I have sit the entire election and heard the hatred, racial, uninformed die hard Republicans do nothing but put Obama down. I am sick of it. Again read your Bible it plainly says judge ye not for you shall be judged also. Obama don't take people by the hand to have abortions or to get married to the same sex. Come on wake up and use your brain. Stop taking every word as the gospel from the hate mongers. Do your research think for yourself, read the Bible. This is not the way God wants his people to be. The President is not what is bringing this country down, it is us the American people. We will destroy the country ourselves if we don't stop this and stand together as Americans. I am gonna stop here. I could go on all night but I won't. Be sure to clean out from under your doorsteop before you start judging other people!!!!

      • You beleive what you want..but Obummers actions speak for his character! He is NOT for this country, just turning it into a third world order. LOOK at NY…they are in TENTS! IS THIS AMERICA! Our for fathers did NOT want BIG Gov..this president is NOT MINE…you think your way..I'll think mine! OH..and yes…I read the bible & in my eyes, this man is NO CHRISTIAN!

  2. Hopefully Obama will have to stand up and face the music for his failures as a leader.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I hope it haunts him so bad he kills himself but nothing good like that would happen.First Obutthole could care less about these 4 americans in Benghazi.

  4. Franklin Bronzo says:

    AMERICA, WAKE UP!…Hussein Obama has got his reelection. He is going to finish his aimed job in order to destroy America!…Stop him, Congress!… Stop him, Supreme Court!… Stop him, the military!… And stop him, patriot amercan people!…

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