Video: “Friends of Terrorists”

Attorney General Eric Holder makes a shocking statement to Muslims in America.

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  1. One word for that Communism. I will stay in my 3 bedroom house with my own back yard and my pets. We need to arrest Obama and all his cronies as traitors to our countries freedom!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    When will congress go after Eric the muslim Holder.This black f–k is the worst AG we ever had he makes that bulldyke Janet Reno look competent.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Please sign petition for Holdme's Resignation & Prosecution 1113684 Letters and Emails Sent So Far!!!
    holdme doesn’t have a right to break the law; his job is to ensure rights of the people, not to strip them away. He is appointed to magnify the law against crime, he has instead repeatedly magnified crime against the law. It is OUR responsibility to uphold the laws of our republic and hold our public servants to their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. He is permitting the INJustice Department (DOINJ) to trample on the First Amendment and he has failed in his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.
    holdme will not go until the US voting machine is totally corrupted and America can never trust in elections ever again. Look at the latest e-voting systems, repeatedly found over the years to be easily hacked, were decertified for use by the states at the time (though they are still used widely around much of the country today.) holdme hopes to effectively rescind the Supreme Court by demanding the voters of states are once again placed under the fair and equitable scrutiny of his own DOINJ the most thoroughly political and scrupulously biased Department in the nation’s history. The actions of DOINJ under Holdme are not just incompetent and slimy, they threaten the very rule of law in our nation. America has seen a number of egregious and unlawful acts by the man who is supposed to serve as the main legal advisor to the United States.
    Instead, he uses his office as a weapon to push Obama’s radical, unconstitutional agenda and to punish those who disagree with Obama. As muslims both Obama and holdme do not believe in God, so that and the Taqiyyah Doctrine just means they can lie all they want! Both Obama and Holme state they are good at killing people!!! The very rule of law is at stake and the credibility of every law enforcement officer in the U.S. If our top law enforcement agency refuses to follow the law, there is no rule of law, and this is no longer America.

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