Video: Fox News Reports On Voter Fraud

Fox News is one of the few media outlets following the voter fraud that’s been rampant in Troy, NY, a suburb of Albany. Here’s the last video report documenting how absentee ballots were faked, and eight Democrats are under indictment.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Is this suppose to be something new.I lived in Amsterdam ,NY which is west of Albany and Troy for over 60 yrs and every election we heard about voter fraud and when I worked in Albany I seen it happening first hand.Liberal democraps are the party of fraud.

  2. FOX News is also one of the few, if only, major news outlets to be reporting the extensive voter fraud in Virginia during the 2012 election. Thus far, the Virginia Attorney General and the Virginia Elections Board Chairman have obfuscated responsibility for investigating same to each other.

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