Video: Fox News Extensive Report On Obama’s Benghazi Cover-Up

FNC Special Report on what many are calling a scandal and a cover-up of the events on 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. They not only report on the cover-up, but also what actually transpired on the night our Ambassador was killed.

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  1. We have a SPINELESS president, who just cannot handle the job!!!

  2. With all of that that went on over that week, and Obama exposure of how weak his Foreign Policy is, how could ANYONE in their right mind vote for Obama!!! Everything he does is meant to tear down our nation.

    • Everything he does is meant to tear down our nation. You got that right! His weak foreign policy is planed.
      Remember, he will stand with the muslims. Remember, at our expense he brought 20,000 of his pals here,
      he armed drug lords. Fro what, jihad on our country?

  3. Good grief, and the truth is, he knew that this was going to happen! The president of Egypt warned that there were planned attacks set up for the anniversary of 9-11 a week before they happened!! He had plenty of time to do something to protect the embassy!

  4. Obama just sacrificed an Openly Gay Ambassador, To appease whom?

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