Video: Fort Hood Hero Says Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims

A video which shows some of the aftermath of the Fort Hood shooting. Victims say that Nidal Hassan was working for Anwar al-Awlaki and it was a case of Jihad for al-Qaeda.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I'm glad to see this private citizen FINALLY get behind the victims of this terrorist attack who have been done dirty for so long.
    The only thing I could have wished is she would have lost her job earlier. Seems until she had been fired from her job, she was totally behind oblameo. Going as far as standing with his witch of a spouse at the SOTU address in 2010.
    She knew THEN the victims were lied to. She knew THEN how wrong they were treated but still she stood with the liar-n-cheat.
    Glad to see this finally getting the attention it deserves but only when she was affected did she speak out.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      What hurts Seeks is people don't do anything till it hurts them.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I agree, how sad is that? I speak regularly with someone who's husband was one of the injured in the Ft. Hood Terrorist attack. They have been speaking out since the start of the mistreatment they have been given over this. I've joined my voice with them.
        They've begged from the beginning to properly classify this tragedy so proper benefits can be awarded all to fall on deaf ears.
        Now here is a woman who's only 'damage' of this attack was she lost her job years after and she gets FRONT PAGE NEWS!
        When will we hear from those veterans who were REALLY hurt in this attack?

  2. thats what you get for voting for the muslim lady..dont whine about it now ….

  3. Soon, and VERY soon, the "illegal alien" will be escorted to a tramp steamer (heading for Kenya,) and the phony in the White House will be put-on-board, as soldiers who help in this effort by We, The People will CHEER direct the Captain of the ship to keep the "bummer" in irons until they reach Africa and kick that bastard into the port city of Mombassa–never to be seen again, in America–under penalty of death.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's been almost 4 years and this Major Hassan is still breathing good air instead of pushing up daisies.For our great communicator to label this as work place violence to screw the people out of benefits is unconsionable.He did this because he is a muslim and he is trying to protect this killer

  5. Obama has betrayed our country! He should be impeached!

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