Video: Former Obama Adviser Says ObamaCare Uncertainty Is Driving Up Premiums

It is unbelievable that the same Obama advisers that sold Obamacare are now out telling us about the problems. We could see these problems from the beginning and sounded the alarm. We suspect the Obama team saw the problems too, but had a bigger plan. They will now offer the solution of total socialism. Since Obamacare doesn’t work watch them advocate a British style medical system. This is a classic Marxist tactic. Create problems, and then offer to solve them with big government solutions.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I have a better solution to the obamacare fiasco. Return to the great health care system we used to have. Deny illegal aliens care unless they can pay cash and stop anchor babies.
    This will solve the problems this monstrosity created.

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    Congress needs to unravel the ObamaCare fiasco now before it gets any more traction. This halfwit plan was complete BS from the word go and that is why Obama had to bribe several states to get t them onboard. Of course this Bribery is against the Law and the rest of Congress should have Impeached Obama at the time. This is what you get with gutless Rinos elected to office, McCain is a classic example, as is that clown from Utah.
    Now that we have some of the people who lied and got this mess started maybe we can turn it around because it certainly will never work. Doctors are not going to stay in the profession and no other person will go to medical school if the government is going to destroy the industry with bureaucrats running the show. Medicine should be between supply and demand. Doctor and Patient, period.. Government cannot do anything with any amount of logic. Bureaucrats are merely stooges in suits without a clue…. If they really had a brain they would be working in the private sector. Moonbeam in CA is a prime example….

  3. wayne mann says:

    It won’t take long and doctors will refuse Medicare patients and force everyone on to Obamacare and the only people who will be Able to afford insurance premiums will be the rich. Everyone has said all along Obamacare is nothing but slowed genocide. Obama knew what he was doing these are a very evil people. We need to get every Muslim in this country out And every Mexican out.

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