Video: Former Marine Arrested By FBI For Patriotic Facebook Posts

Former Marine Raub Brandon was taken by FBI and Secret Service a few nights ago for his patriotic Facebook Posts. He is now being held in mental hospital. So much for the First Amendment for our soldiers. Are you next?

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  1. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Outrageous! It is a set up.. and somehow Oshamo thinks he is going to be praised for this type of non-sense. This is completely illegal…

    • Since when do local police departments arrest people for this sort of thing? Isn't this a DoHS thing?

      I dare the police where I live to arrest me for exercising my freedom of speech!

  2. paul revere will be riding again……..i think he wants that too happen, so as too impose matial law….soon the election will be here…and we can kiss this ass kissin president goodbye.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Do you really think there will be an election, an honest election? Obama and thugs will probably "create' a crisis in order to declaremartial law. The 08 election was a joke..the 2012 election will be the same. Obama and his gang will do anything and everything to continue his dictatorship. He has to be charged with, convicted of and prosecuted for treason…before the election.

      • Not fooled in Nevada says:

        Then bombard your state senator/representative with calls/emails, and demand he or she request a congressional hearing from the house so that Sheriff Joe's posse team can openly present the imposter's history and subsequently, become subject to impeachment. Eric Canter, John Boehner, Darryl Issa pay attention!

      • that is why the o government is stockpiling ammo and weapons. When Obama wins by cheating we will take to the streets and he will kill his own people like Syria.

  3. Shawn Fahrer says:

    I believe the U S Military (as the Federal Government employees they are) are covered under the "Hatch Act", which severely limits Free Speech 'rights' for ALL federal employees. After all, Federal employees have no right to campaign for ANY politician (they barely can contribute to them!) under this law. So what did he expect to happen to him for posting on Facebook? (BTW, Hatch, AKA Orrin Hatch– the creator of the Hatch Act– was/is a REPUBLICAN! So THEY share the blame as much as Democrats do on this one!!!!)

  4. tom berquist says:

    A federal court recently placed an injunction on the portion of the executive directive, recently updated by obama, that stated obama could put ANY American Citizen in jail for no reason and keep them there as long as they wished. The obama lawyers TOLD the federal judge that if he DID NOT lift the injunction the administration would IGNORE THE COURT! What do you think obama has in store for all Americans that believe as this young man does? If obama wins another four years EACH ONE OF US HAS A MAJOR DECISION TO MAKE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Who here believes that if Romney wins, these "arrests" will stop?
    How about if Obama wins?
    Ron Paul?
    Fact is, it doesn't matter WHO takes the White House come November, these "arrests" will continue to happen.
    We know Oblameo initiated this rule. Romney hasn't come out against it. Even IF Paul wants to void it, without Congress, he can't.
    If we the people are going to reclaim our freedom, we are going to have to be the ones to do it.
    Be prepared for more "arrests" to happen for the patriotic will not be silenced.
    Watch your back and be prepared.

  6. Michael Bartholomew says:

    Our government officials & police authorities are all paid hirelings. Their sworn Constitutional Oaths are meaningless. Oaths, only have meaning to people with honor & integrity. They do no have the courage of any honorable conviction. When push finally comes to shove, and faced by thousands of desperate, hungry, broke, angry, armed & dedicated Constitutional Patriots, their shallow personalities will collapse. Our Homeland Entities, currently use our tax money to buy themselves millions of rounds of expensive hollow point ammunition that kills & wounds with greater results. Under the Worldwide Geneva Convention Treaty, this type ammo cannot be used against anyone, in any warfare conflict. But to our totally corrupted & uncaring government officials, it is OK to stockpile this type ammo for potential use against the American Citizenry. For those of you not certain on the concept, through election of the Illegal Alien Communist Muslim Obama, his appointments, his policies & laws enacted (all of which are illegal), we have already been taken over by the enemy. Our sacred Constitutional Republic has been lost, without even a shot being fired. They now seek out & arrest us, just for making this type First Amendment Protected comment.

  7. Bravo Barry just gives us lots of more reasons to vote you out in Nov ! Bye Bye we will not miss you.


  9. This is getting out of hand. This young man, who fought for our country and it's freedoms for our people, arrested for stating his opinion which millions of other people have done under the Freedom of speech. He should sue and also get an apology. There's Reid running free with charges against him.
    When are we going to be able to live without fear?

  10. BillyJean says:

    This is the more reason we need to vote this peace of shit out of our white house and lets not forget all those traitors, they too need to be voted out. The clintons are also traitors to the American people for supporting this muslim commie dictator. Their is a post for billy the kid clinton to send him an email to wish him a happy birthday message, it would be nice if the American people to email him and let him know that he and his ugly wife hillary are traitors for helping this commie destroy our country. All traitors such as nancy pelosi the dingbat, Reid, Holder, Janet Napolitano and speaker of the House, all need to be held accountable. May God help us all and help this Marine for speaking the truth.

    • Rubberdog Houndfard says:

      I think we need to purge the Supreme Court also. Kill the life appointment also and restrict service on the SPOTUS to 8 years.

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole will arrest anyone who doesn't agree with him.This so called president is a cry baby and if you belittle him he can't take the heat.Obutthole uses the FBI as his own pesonal gestapo.

  12. disgusted says:

    Seeks has a good point, because the “laws” that this ape has enacted, unless he and his regime are declared null and void themselves, those same “laws” may still be our biggest problem. This ape needs to be declared unfit to have held this office and all of his “laws” and rules and everything he has done in the last four years has to be done away with, completely. Otherwise, we still have the same problem(s). I guess Seeks is also right about it being up to us to take and deal with, all the messes that this creep, this freak, has created in the last seemingly, never ending four years. It is going to take us all to stop what has been going on and bring the nation back to her senses. To arrest a Marine is every kind of wrong there is in America! Simply for saying what he feels to be true. If it were me, Facebook would be the last place I’d go to speak my mind, in fact, I despise FB. I haven’t gone on it now for a year, and never will again.

    • Rubberdog Houndfard says:

      If he is declared null and void so will all of those "executive orders" he has signed into law.

      Oblamerholeo better be thinking of buying some land in Kenya to pitch up his shack.

  13. Rubberdog HoundFard says:

    Obutthole stinks. By far the worst possible POTUS this country could ever have. Even Poland is laughing at us, they are telling American jokes. And the Swedes, Sven & Bjord are cracking jokes about the tan man in the white house who don't know who his daddy be.

    Lawsy mercy, I think they needs to pass out the watermelon.

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