Video: ForgeryGate: Tom Ballantyne Sets Establishment Reporter Straight

While at the MCSO news conference presenting evidence that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, Melissa Blasius of the establishment media has an agenda and a specific “angle” to try to discredit the character of the forensic investigators.

Tom Ballantyne, author of the newly-updated and re-released book, Oh Really, O’Reilly! interviews Melissa Blasius after the conference. Filmed by John Webster.

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  1. Duane Bass says:

    She gets paid a lot of money, and she aint all that objective like a real reporter should be.
    Foolish TV journalist!
    And an Øbama support also I would assume.
    Ron Paul in 2012

  2. The angle that should be explored is that several months of scrutiny and investigation reveal without a doubt Miss Blasius that the document – no wait – both of the two different documents that Obscumbo provided for the nation to see – are forgeries and fake. Yet you wake up in the morning with a moronic idea that people are being paid off (as the "Global Warmist" scientists are) to provide the damaging and revealing information about the ineligibility of communist pseudo president that you undoubtedly support to serve in office. That IS NEWS and you refuse to cover that Miss Melissa Blasius. This makes you part of the huge problem and not part of the solution. By the way Missy, we are NOT a socialist nation, our Constitution is NOT a living document – it is law of our land, and we do not want big government interference in our lives nor do we approve of laws being passed so that we can find what we all expected to be within it — more fraud, more freedom grabbing and more corruption! And this to you is not worthy of news coverage? Is it any wonder why the American People reject the liberal media?

  3. Why are my comments censored and why are they less apt to be published as quickly as others?

  4. David F. says:

    Her one question demonstrates that she isn't as "Objectified" as Reporters are supposed to be. They are supposed to leave out their own personal beliefs (or their stations beliefs) and report on the facts and only the facts presented. Reporting on the facts…the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How…lead people to the TRUTH. It shows how much Journalistic "Fortitude" (the ability to run down a story no matter where it leads) is extremely lacking. Could you imagine if the two Reports who reported "Watergate" had the same Journalistic "Fortitude" that the Reporters of today had? There wouldn't ever have been a "Watergate" scandal, and Nixon would have finished out his term in Office and possibly another one. These "Main Stream Media" Reporters should be ashamed that it is the Internet Reporters and sites like this one, that are the ones giving people the FACTS and the TRUTH behind everything they write or videotape.

  5. gunner221 says:

    It's obvious she has her mind made up and will not let facts get in the way of what she wants to think. That is pretty typical of the left. Facts are what they want them to be. They will bulldog into any thing they think will support their wishes, but will try and discredit anything that doesn't.

    I would bet she has not spent 5 minutes looking at Obama's fraudulent birth certificate. But has devoted lots of time trying to find a way to discredit the people who have spent the time and expertise on his fraudulent birth certificate.

    For the left, truth is what they tell you it is. So very sad.

    • gunner221: Yes, you are so right. Did you notice she didn't mind trying to force Tom to answer questions, but when he asked HER a direct question, she ducked for cover and said she didn't want to talk about this or that? She is LAME STREAM MEDIA to a A T! Absolutley BRAINSWASHED.

    • RacerJim says:

      The left can’t handle the truth so all they are left with is desparaging the messengers of truth. So very sad indeed.

  6. Must be George Bush;s fault

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