Video: ForgeryGate: “Purpura And Moran V. Obama” Ballot Hearing, Video 2

The lawyer for the Barack Obama campaign concedes that Obama has not furnished a birth certificate to the NJ Secretary of State, and then boldly asserts that he is under no obligation to do so.

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  1. Joan Neel says:

    Even if Obama WAS born in Hawaii, which he wasn't, he was NOT born to two U.S. citizens, which is the criteria for a candidate to be president of the U.S. , so that should be enough to impeach him, add to that, all the stepping on our Constitution by bypassing our Congress and writing his own laws, refusing to uphold his oath of office by not keeping our borders closed to criminal illegals, and sending our taxpayer money to terrorist countries, inviting the muslim brotherhood to the WhiteHouse and giving them our taxpayers' money, appointing his cronies by claiming the Congress was in recess and again bypassing our Congress is yet another crime. Our Congress needs to start impeachment proceedings immediately.

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