Video: ForgeryGate: Attorney Says “Discovery Is Underway” In Florida Obama Ballot Access Challenge

Attorney Larry Klayman is a patriot in trying to get to the bottom of the Obama eligibility issue in Florida. We all should pray for his safety and hope he doesn’t die of a heart attack (like certain other people trying to get to the bottom of who Obama really is.)

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  1. Good luck Larry, break it wide open and release the truth of how corrupt this great deciever really is. Do expose all the dirty deeds that this madman has spewed upon America. Long Live Liberty.

  2. god bless larry,keep up the great work,we can,t let this treasonous trader and his band of treasonous traders,get away with this treachary.god speed larry we the people are with you,bring down this vile piece of garbage.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and all american veterans and all american nation under god.

  3. I pray that Obama will get impeached and put in jail

  4. I will not be holding my breath!

  5. I would love to know the total amount of money has been spent on trying to get this Muslim slime out of office so far, with absolutely NO RESULT. Not even close.

  6. In my opinion, there is NO AMOUNT of money that can make a difference when you go up against those who are in the back pocket of Obama and who are the ones that have the power and make the decision.

  7. The communist in chief has to be called out on all this Marxist stuff and he has to be exposed for what he is. After all of this is over I say too that the media who has been protecting this scum bag be brought up on charges of Treason.

  8. txlady706 says:

    Just a thought –
    John Travolta was in the news in January and he's in the "news" again today.
    Does anyone think this is a coincidence?
    Maybe. But it's just too convenient
    Listen to the clip at about 14 min to 15 minute mark.
    It's just odd that the media is covering Travolta AGAIN
    BHO BC? Nothing!

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