Video: Footage Of The Arrest Of Patriotic Marine Brandon J Raub

Here’s an apparent video of Marine Veteran, Brandon J Raub, honorably discharged just this past year, being arrested yesterday by local law enforcement, apparently with the FBI and Secret Service standing by. According to his mother, he was taken into custody simply because of his patriotic Facebook postings. Click HERE for the interview with his mother, shortly after this arrest.

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  1. this kind of gastapo crap makes me want too post even more , about how evil the president and his hinchmen are, they know they are losing…

  2. Patriot Lady says:

    To everyone who ever wondered if the local police would stand with American patriots or with those pulling down American freedoms…'s your answer. To those who still think the military will stand up to protect American citizens…..they will do what these police officers and CIA officers are doing, which is primarly protecting their jobs and paychecks first and foremost.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      There are MANY of our law enforcement officials and of the military who have signed a declaration that they will NOT fire upon, nor detain, patriotic Americans for exercising their freedom of speech.
      Before jumping to conclusions, talk with the officers first.

  3. Patriot Lady says:

    I think that the only ones who will be protecting America will be the regular, everyday-hard working Americans. I wonder how many others have already been taken away but there was no one nearby to document it. They have just disappeared. We need to check on houses which we know are inhabited, but where we now haven't seen people for a while. If no one is there…but a pet is….help the pet and try to locate friends/family of the missing person. Let the media know they have disappeared. Canada is watching what is happening in America very closely so you might like to visit: for information our own news corp isn't covering.




  5. This country is in deep doo-doo. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. Without guns the government will bring on tyranny. Obama has got to go TODAY. Each day he is in office is a day of less freedom.

  6. Carl Manning says:

    This patriotic Marine was trying to get the TRUTH out that 911 was an inside job. He sees no reason that his fellow brothers-in-arms should be slaughtered by this government over no more than a hideously evil lie. He sees no reason why the American People should continue to have their Bill of Rights destroyed by this evil government over nothing more than a lie. I'm glad to see this article considered him "patriotic" for doing so. For once, you guys acknowledge the TRUTH that 911 was indeed a hideous inside job of the federal government. My hat's off to Floyd Brown. I can now honestly call you a TRUE AMERICAN, Floyd, unlike the legions of neocon nutjobs and FAUX AMERICANS Sean Insanity calls "TRUE AMERICANS" on Faux Noise. They would more aptly be called "TRUE SHEEPLE". Sean Insanity like Rush Bimbo is absolutely drunk on the government's 911 fairytale Kool-Aid and the GOP's Kool-Aid. One day soon they will wake up from their sleepwalking stupor to find out how stupid, fake, and hypocritical they sound to the rest of us TRUE AMERICANS AND TRUE CONSERVATIVES who value the TRUTH.

  7. Carl Manning says:

    This evil government under Bush and Cheney killed Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone for daring to utter stand up to Dick Cheney's pressure and speak the TRUTH about 911 being an inside job. His plane was hit with a high intensity microwave laser gun operated by some Black-Ops JSOC goons which fried the circuitry and brought it down within 5 miles of the airport where he would've landed. Eyewitnesses on the ground reported the plane "crabbed" (flew sideways) after it was hit. A white van was seen parked in the area and then after deploying the microwave laser sped off like a bat out of hell. THIS IS YOUR GOVERNMENT. IT IS EVIL TO THE CORE!!! GET OVER YOUR CHRONIC IGNORANCE AND COGNITIVE DISSONANCE when it comes to recognizing the TRUTH staring you in the face!!!

  8. Carl Manning says:

    911 is well-known by engineers and architects and commercial pilots to be an inside job because the government's official fairytale defies the laws of aerodynamics and physics. 8 of the 19 "hijackers" haved been proven to be alive and working in their various careers. Since when does aluminum pierce steel unless it is moving at incredible speeds of 2.3 Mach – impossible speeds to attain for a 757 commercial airliner??? The planes that allegedly hit the towers weren't even scheduled to fly that day. Google Earth satellite photos of the alleged crashsite of UAL93 reveal the indention in the Earth was already there before the "crash" ever even took place. Rumsfeld was caught with a slip of the tongue several times saying that a "missile" hit the Pentagon, which was actually the TRUTH.

  9. Carl Manning says:

    Many of the alleged victims of 911 have been proven to be composite morphs used with sophisticated morphing programs that were available even in 2001. They even had clevber technology available to artificially duplicate someone's voice from just a few words extracted from a telephone conversation. That's how they fictionalized the weird conversations of 911 victims on "cellphones" which couldn't even communicate from airplanes at the heights these planes were allegedly at. That's also how they kept Osama bin Laden alive with fake videos and audios of his manufactured voice based on archives of his voice. For more info, look up "vicsimsreport"

  10. Carl Manning says:

    The planes were video feeds ran by the major networks. There is documented evidence of reporters at the scene of 911 NEVER EVEN SEEING PLANES WHATSOEVER. The video feed was ran at the network and was seen by the anchor but was not seen by the reporter on the ground. They had even made prepackaged man-on-the-street videos to enhance the believability of the whole charade, but these have been proven to be manufactured fakes.

  11. Carl Manning says:

    There were bombs pre-planted in the Towers to correspond with the video feeds of the airplanes hitting the Towers. When you play in slow motion the crash of the "planes" into the Tower, you can clearly see that the aluminum plane slides effortlessly with no deformation whatsoever right into 2-inch thick steel columns, which is physically speaking, completely ridiculous and impossible as every engineer and architect on Earth know. See to see how the MSM CIA/Mossad-controlled networks fooled you. Hint: They actually screwed up at one of the CIA/Mossad-controlled networks and had to black out some frames when they realized the nosecone of the aluminum plane had penetrated completely through several 2-inch thick steel towers and was completely intact with no sign of deformation whatsoever, revealing the obvious video feed. They stopped the video feed a little too late on that one.

  12. Carl Manning says:

    Mossad had over 200 agents on the ground in NYC who were arrested immediately after 911, and all of this has been suppressed. Vans were seen at weird hours supposedly for "maintenance" in the Towers in the months before the 911 inside job. It was during these times that the miltary-grade supernanothermite was planted. This, too, has been discovered by engineers and chemists despite Michael Chertoff's best efforts to destroy the steel evidence by immediately sendfing all of the stee lto Chinese smelt factories. Chertoff is a dual Israeli/American citizen who was the Assistant AG. His father was an Orthodox Rabbi and Mossad agent. How did they get such unprecedented access??? Bush's brother, Marvin Bush and first cousin, Wirt Walker, were principal owners of the security firm for all of the Towers. How was it funded??? Remember Bernie Madoff??? His court proceedings were sealed to protect State secrets by the Obama administration. WHY??? Because they revealed that he funded the 911 operation with this illegitimate money!!!

  13. Carl Manning says:

    Never in the history of airplane crash investigations have they never even bothered to identify the plane wreckage, yet this occurred during the 911 "coverup". This is Standard Operating Procedure, yet the NTSB didn't even bother with it, nor did the FBI, nor did the FAA. Even the radar records of the alleged planes that hit the Towers were completely destroyed from the record!!! It doesn't take much sense God gave an ant to know something stinks to High Heavens about this patently evil government in the District of Criminals. They definitely have something very hideous to hide here.

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