Video: Flashback 1995: Holder Launches Anti-Gun PR Blitz

Eric Holder’s skewed anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment ideology has been festering for years, not just raising its sickening head with Fast and Furious. In this 1995 video clip, Holder put into motion a PR blitz to “brainwash” (his words) the public about “how carrying a gun is wrong” (again his words).

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  1. H.B. Kuhns says:

    Holder needs to be made a (eunich), then he could suck RatBammas ditty bag and throw rocks at Hippo-Hips (Michell),
    Just my thoughts here

  2. Hey Holder, We know how to handle guns and we respect the laws.. You seem to be the one that gives thousands of dollars worth of guns and lose that many more to illegal aliens, drug lords and anyone else that will kill American citizens… Maybe you are the only one that can't be trusted with a gun or the position you are in.

  3. MontieR says:

    They have changed the way I think about guns. It used to be they were in the closet or safe probably un loaded.
    Now I carry my pistol everywhere I go and my others are loaded and readily accessible.

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