Video: Finally, A Judge Who Can Save America!

Maybe you’ve heard about him recently…

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  1. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    That's why Oshamo put Kagen on the Supreme Court — to run interference from exposing Oshamo's fraud..Judge Lewis will be THE saviour of our times. When does the trial begin? Who needs to submit friends of the court documents to compel an investigation? Tell me more!

  2. This is the best news I have heard in quite some time. Go Judge Lewis.

  3. DITO,DITO,DITO!……………………………….can we throw him into a prison in Siberia hen the trial over? He can find out what socialism is really like in one of their dungeons.



  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Does anyone really believe this Judge Lewis will save America I sure as hell don't.He will end up siding with Oblameo just like all the other politicians do.These creep democraps are afraid they might be called racists like they call anyone who speaks up against Sambo.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      I would love to believe this, it would be a Miracle from God to get this man impeach and in prison where he belongs. The only thing to do is to pray that Judge Lewis stay honorable, keep the courage and save America

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda I hope your right but I don't believe in miracles anymore since I prayed the Giants would beat that Jungle Bunny rg3 of the redskins and well you know what happened.It irks me when all these sport commentators keep praising this jig.

    • I`m sure he`s already been threatened,about an invite to dinner.

  6. mr_bad_example says:

    wishin and hopin and dreamin and prayin this nightmare will end…buh bye obama (everything is crossed)

  7. Lets be real, the only reason that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama and others alias, was SELECTED by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS to occupay the White House is because of his inability to offer proof that he really is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, and the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS know Barry better than we know, so they can BLACKMAIL him with their knowledge that they can get rid of him any time they want, Barack is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, protected by a bodyguard of LIES behind a dark curtain of DISINFORMATION. As long as Obama follow The COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS instructions and keep reading the material they print on the TELEPROMPTER, so do not put in DANGER the final agenda of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS(THE NEW WORLD ORDER), Obama will be protected by the CFR controlled media, BOTH PARTIES(remember both parties are controlled by the CFR) and THE JUDICIARY, the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, will send their ASSASSINS in the CIA to the house of this judge and will show what could happen to him and his family if He touch Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama aka some others alias. REMEMBER what happened to superior judge Roberts, He changed His mind on OBAMACARE in a matters of hours, someone send Him a very interesting message.We are living under a very CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL REGIMEN, directed and controlled by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.

    • Chylene Ramsey says:

      There are so mny conspircy plots connected to the NWO that when it does occur, they will have to hold an election for the antichrist. This is yet another. ll that is undisputed is that it will happen.

    • rocquedog says:

      Yup! The judge will be getting a "late night visit". He can either do like all of the other judges that have wussed out to the Criminal thugocracy that inhabits the WH, or he can pull a "Brietbart" and just drop dead.


  9. Chylene Ramsey says:

    YES!!!! PLease, Judge Lewis!! Get on this RIGHT NOW!!!

  10. This is the way it ought to be, BUT….I beleive the fix is in, and you can bet….it is fixed! See, this is NOT a man who was installed or selected, and he surely was, but it is a matter of the U.S.A Govt deciding, over the rejection of many people, that we do NOT need God in our schools and Govt and we do NOT need to recognize Him as God and the Name of Jesus christ can NOT be mentioned! That is the "ROOT" problem and the FIX is in: after all, IF you were God, and you created the world and man upon this earth and all you wanted was to bless people and have fellowship w/the people YOU created and then the leders told yu to take a hike, wouldn't you let em go to themselves and say ok, IF you reject me…The TRUTH, John 17:17 KJV, then I'll just give you a lie! So, He did! Now Obama is in the office to destroy this nation!! Light rejected becomes lightening, the TRUTH rejected becomes a lie!!

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Homer,
      you are right, when the people reject God, kick him out of our schools and public places and make it a shame to pray or say Mary Christmas, then the people will be rule by a evil government.

      If the people humble themselves and retrun to God, God will heal the land and take out and put in prision these evil people that are destroying this country.

  11. You watch…all involved with meet their ends mysteriously or by "accidents". Obitler won't let this come to light.

  12. Nice video…wishful thinking…

    Does this guy who made the video actually believe that a Florida judge can put Obama in handcuffs… It's a wonderful fairytale story. And I too wish it would happen… Obviously this gentleman doesn't understand the machine that's behind Obama. Any Judge demanding those documents would not be a judge for much longer…
    And I doubt very seriously that judge would be fired. Ask Breitbart.

    This criminal known as Obama, Has surrounded himself like a worm in a cocoon, With wire deceit makers, bail out King punsters, and union thug masters, And adoring welfare receipt lovers… This Castro is on the path to becoming the dictator of the world, Fulfilling his role as the antichrist.

    Already know the states that are not inacting the Obamacare insurance exchanges, Will be fined or penalized 3.5% of the value of the entire exchange for not instituting an exchange that cannot be paid for by the state.
    Arizona and Oklahoma are waking up to this reality. They thought they were smart by saying they couldn't afford it. They are now being fined an additional 3.5% of the entire exchange as a penalty annually.

    As the jaws of Obamacare open, hundreds of additional fines and noncompliance penalties will be in acted both on the people, patient's, medical industry insurers, businessess and even spectators watching from afar.
    No one is safe from this turn radical grab of power control and money from the American population.

    I am warn thin at the sheer incompetence and stupidity of our legislators and of the gullable American people.
    Welcome to the Obamacare matrix. Enjoy your blue pill.

    This is a memo note to the spies reading this blog… It's chess not checkers… And you know what happens to dictators. We the people are watching you.

    • Oh and PS, To the website owner and developer.

      Thank you so much for moderating your own blog, These conservative websites who sold their soul to "disqus" the most liberal think tank Blog monitoring system based out of San Francisco California.
      Disquis" Reputably deletes real comments of power, Leaving the Left over eighth grade trash for conservative minds to feed on.

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