Video: Feds End “Probe” Of Sheriff Joe!

The federal government has closed a criminal probe of alleged financial misconduct by Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio, “America’s toughest sheriff,” and no charges will be filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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  1. Robert Walker says:

    Sheriff Arpaio seems to have things well in hand. The lawlessness of the current administration deserves thorough investigation. The lawful activity of a duly elected Sheriff, is being scrutinized by the underlings of a man who is in criminal Contempt of Congress. All of this and more is being ignored by the sewer main media.
    The mind boggles. Peace, Robert Walker

    • Jo Anne Henry says:

      I can't wait until November either. He wants to be KING and his big amazon wife the QUEEN of America. All they want is the power and the money. He wants to disarm our military and make USA looaw the STATUS OF most powerful country in the world. And he wants anyone who has worked for what they have to go under. Such bull.crap. He is a socialist. We elected a domestic terrorist. We have to work hard to get Romney elected!! Tell people to go see the movie 2016 and read The Amateur. That will open their eyes.

  2. did they find his birth c. or his S.S.# or his collage records or draft card or any of the stuff no one can find of obummers.

  3. Puddentain says:

    I find it absolutely amazing that we sit here with a president who has never provided a legitimate birth certificate, spent millions of his personal dollars on covering up his college days and squashed efforts toward discovery in Fast & Furious,,,,yet the one thing he and his administration could find the strength to do is 'PROBE' the most lawful sheriff in the entire United States. What a classless act the Obama administration is. I can't wait until November.

  4. thebobofiles says:

    Well, given there was never anything there to investigate but the truth – they had to throw it out. They probably reviewed his evidence against Obama and decided they didn't want it to go public! LOL

  5. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Now on to unseat this illegal administration, and it's Kenyan Usurper, King Obama. Afterward, there should be a full Congressional investigation into his ties to the Communist Party of the USA.

    • I say we just string them all up!!

    • Investigate? that idea needs some investigation itself — Congress is a big third of the problem, another big stinking third is the Explitive branch and the woesome big third of the supreme court of no resort.
      FDR's wet dream.
      The Constitution says what's to do. If not impeachment, they should get the other.

  6. Hold your course Joe, with only the slightest deviations, and we will stick with you.

  7. Hip hip hurray..remember the Alamo…and I hope everyone remembers sheriff Joe. And actually…all those who are publically trying to expose the truth..the truth shall set us free…

  8. I'm starting to wonder what will happen when Obama loses. It is widely believed that the Republican party has been standing by as Obama does his damage. Either they're in cahoots with him or they're afraid. However, the third possibility is that they're waiting for his defeat. So, my question is: if Obama is defeated, will he be brought to justice for all the crimes he committed? By the way I figure it, he can't be touched right now. For three and a half years, people have tried to get him out of office and were slapped down with out a chance by someone holding Obama's hand. So, when he's out of office, will all the charges against Obama fall on him like a pile of bricks? I'm thinking that's a big possibility. I don't see how he could go back to the senate with all those cards stacked against him. The other possibility is him disappearing after his defeat. But, I have to remember that he's a dirty cheat that will stop at nothing to stay in power. If he does cheat to stay in office, I think the majority of American people will call him on it and it could eventually boil down to civil war. Why? We'll do what we could legally to stop him, he'll trump that by some dick move, then we'll have to rally together to try and remove him. He'll use that instance as an excuse to declare martial law and since we wont sit still for that: uprising. He'll want to combat US with his friends and minions, escalating into, you guessed it: civil war. Though, if I had my choice, I'd rather he was dragged from the oval office, brought to a square in front of everyone who could see, read the charges against him, tarred and feathered, and then run out of the country. Those who seek to destroy us, need to fear us again and Obama would make a good example of what would happen to them if they continued with their plans.

    • Treason of such magnitude must be dealt with by extreme punishment exacted by the victims (America and we the citizens). What punishment must be meted out to one who has been fraudulently privy to America's highest classified material and whose deliberate actions were designed to cause America harm? The gut wrenching obscenity of all this is that he is being allowed full access to run for office again with all the many charges and suspicions. We can only pray that R&R are the real deal and that they will exact justice when and if elected.

  9. Everyone I talk to is eagerly awaiting the November elections and the ousting of obama. And I live in Democrat territory. After the elections will be the time to press for investigation into obama usurpery. Every person involved must be charged appropriately for their crimes and be punished. Every illegal appointment, agreement and transaction must be corrected.
    I hope that Paul Ryan is the righteous, precise and brave man that he appears to be. I hope that Mr. Romney is the shining knight that will get America back on track and commence the healing.
    Sheriff Arpaio has been instrumental in the exposing of the scoundrels. I nominate him for next FBI director. What an investigation he would conduct into the raging crime and corruption saturating all aspects of our society.

  10. Seeks_the_truth says:

    ATTA BOY JOE! You said PUT UP OR SHUT UP. They couldn't put up so they SHUT UP!
    Hold the course. Better times are a coming!

  11. Kitty Litter says:

    I have heard twice now …the mainslime media say "the facts do not support
    that BO was born anywhere but the U.S."….I'm in disbelief and the liars
    in the media (or shall we call them "factually challenged"….the lying is
    pathological at this point…..enough!…fire their asses…someone!!

  12. Kathy Folden says:

    Congratulations! Sheriff Joe

    You shine brighter than the whole rat pack of reporters. I admire your calm, clear, concise responses to their transparent questions.

    I am glad you will be getting some relief, but know it is likely only temporary until after the elections. Someone who has had 13 convenient deaths surrounding their ascendancy will not willingly give up their power.

  13. VirgoVince says:

    Like Dirty Harry (Eastwood) also said, 'a man's gotta know his limitations,' so holder and ovomit finally caught on!!!!
    I hope to hell Sherrif Joe comes out swinging with a very long pole!!!!
    Amen and glory hallelujah!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Amen but don't you think this was done because of the election and if this con man gets 4 more years he won't find another way to put his attack dog holder on Joe.You know this gutless wonder in the white house hates anyone who goes against him.

      • Of course, it's about the election, he has to concentrate all his efforts on 'buying votes' and 'buying the WH,' AGAIN!!!! That's exactly why WE have to win!!!!

  14. America is under attack by Barack
    Hussein Obama the muslim………..
    Barack Hussein Obama is killing people.

  15. Charles17121 says:

    The lame stream media is going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office because they know he is bring to light the fact that We The People have a criminal ,fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . They also know that when this evidence comes to light they, the lame stream media will lose what credibility they have left if any . The lame stream media is the main reason this fraud obama is in office .

  16. You won Sheriff Joe! Congratulations! They are probably hoping you will drop it too. I would like to know why Boehner hasn't done anything about the information Sheriff Joe gave Congress? He has enough information on Barry Soetero to not only Impeach him, but to prosecute him for criminal offenses. Speaker Boehner is ignoring vital information that he and his Congress should be investigating and demanding that our President step down or be Impeached!!!! Barry is probably scrambling to cover his be-hind in the WH, if he isn't re-elected. If Congress would examine the information that Sheriff Joe and his possee has uncovered, Barry Soetero would not be able to be on the ballot anywhere!!!! Do your job Congress!!!

  17. Instead of wasting our tax dollars investigating those who should NOT be investigated I say they need to start Investigating the Liar-In-Chief. It would be the ULTIMATE to see him being dragged out of the WH straight to Prison!!! OH WOULD THAT BE AWESOME!

  18. Even when the bastard is voted out, the investigation MUST continue into this frauds entire life story,who he really is, where he comes from and all those who has protected this criminal this entire time, MUST be brought to light so we can prevent this from ever happening again!

  19. Edwardkoziol says:

    If I was Sheriff Joe I wouldn't turn my back on these 2 snakes in the grass.I think this has much to do about the coming election and how benevolent he is.If elected again Joe will be come a target again.He Obunghole hasn't said anything about Fast And Furious now why is that.

  20. how liberal demoRATS waste tax payer money,that an abortion,joeupyoursMF'S!

  21. This action by an ILLEGAL Government & Fraud called Barry Sotero who with the Complicity of this Fascist Marxist Congress, Senate, DOJ, Military are more determined than Hitler and all other Dictators ever were to Collapse The US Marxist Fascist Gang who call themselves Politicians have ALL COMMITED TREASON!! Against the entire US and World???? And all the Homo Sapiens including that Black Homo Sapien are GUILTY of TREASON and per the US Constitution it demands Hanging for all involved!!!!!!!!

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