Video: Exposed: Obama’s Race War Agenda For America

In light of several high profile black-on-white murders in recent days, the invective has been noticeably less verbose. The most anger Jesse Jackson could muster over the gang-initiation hate crime slaying of Australian student Chris Lane was a tepid tweet stating that the incident should be “frowned upon.”

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  1. Rockwell was right says:

    Like I said, BRING IT! If blackkks REALLY want a race war, remember; Whitey is stockpiling as we speak. Blackkks? They stockpile gold chains and frozen shrimp, lol! How many rounds of ammo do you think the average ‘brutha’ or ‘sista’ has on hand, a box of 50 .40? Lolol! Let’s get this shi! over with!

  2. Obama MUST be EXECUTED!!!

  3. when my husband and I returned stateside from his tour of duty in Germany in the fall of 1970, my uncle proudly drove us to downtown Atlanta to see all the new skyscrapers and other buildings – however as we approached the downtown area (from N.E. Atlanta), he told us to roll up the car windows. Surprised since I had spent my high school years living in Sandy Springs, I questioned his comment, and he told us that the 'negroes' were causing trouble in the downtown area and that someday they would be robbing and killing us in our beds! I was shocked by both his comment and the very thought of this ever happening in America. I am no longer shocked, just saddened that the country my father and husband fought for has sunken to this unbelievable low level. I still live and love the south, but now that we are retiring we are carefully selecting our final home, and it will not be a large city, and I am also looking, at God forgive me, the black to white ratio! I do want to die in my own bed, but of natural causes, not of violence. Frankly, frightened that we cannot rely on the military anymore, and not knowing who are our friends and who are our enemies, we are weighing our options very carefully.

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