Video: Exclusive: Obama Lived 1/2 Mile From Bill Ayers’ College, May Have Shared Apartment

Exclusive to Obama Files and Western Journalism.

On May 2, Vanity Fair published a lengthy excerpt of David Maraniss’ forthcoming biography Barack Obama: The Story, in which details of Obama’s mysterious New York years were revealed, including places Obama lived and actual addresses, as well as some dates. It was also revealed that Obama’s squeeze at the time, Genevieve Cook, was attending a small college in 1984, Bank Street College of Education, specializing in producing teachers concerned with ‘social justice.’

The following day, The Ulsterman Report discovered that Bill Ayers had attended the same college around this same period, wondering if there was an Obama-Ayers connection that far back.

Obama Files, reading the Maraniss Vanity Fair excerpt carefully, discovered that not only did Bill Ayers attend college around the same period, but attended the college the exact same year, 1984.

But it doesn’t end there.

Maraniss reveals that Obama was living at this exact period of time at 622 West 114th Street, in New York, which is one-half mile from the college!

Maraniss states that Obama was living there as a border, but offers no details who he was living with. Could it have been Bill Ayers? Is this why Obama had such an extensive relationship with Ayers in Chicago later, serving on boards and foundations, funneling millions of dollars to radical groups?

Is this the real scandal of Obama’s Administration? Not that his administration is filled to the gills with radicals, but that he sought out and spent time with none other than domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in the early 1980s?

Will this be the scandal that will finally bring down the house of cards known as the ObamaNation? We shall have to wait and see.

Watch the video as we detail how Obama Files with some simple detective work came to the shocking conclusion that Obama spent at least a year within a half-mile of Bill Ayers, and may have shared an apartment with the man who admitted and bragged about being involved in the bombing of the Capitol and Pentagon in the early 1970s.


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  1. RacerJim says:

    Obama’s actual life story “read” like an espionage novel.

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