Video: Exclusive: Obama Bundler & “Obot” Met With Syrian Officials In 2010

Bloggers have been combing through the recent WikiLeaks Syrian email dump, looking at the inner workings of Syrian officials, the bulk being culled from what is referred to as the Syrian MOPA (Ministry of Presidential Affairs).

One odd email that has been discovered is from an individual by the name of Martin Sean Indyk. Indyk is Vice President and Director for Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

Indyk emailed an official in the Syrian regime about a trip that former Fannie Mae executive Jim Johnson was planning on making to Syria in June of 2010.  Indyk goes on to describe Johnson’s continuing relationship with Obama, including huge sums donated to his campaign, stating that “he is very influential in the Obama White House and in the Democratic Party.”

Indyk’s point is that Jim Johnson is a “very important person”, and it would behoove Syrian officials to meet with him and his wife as they are touring Damascus.

Given that Johnson has been mired in scandal with Fannie Mae and Countrywide Mortgage and was identified by World Net Daily’s Jerome Corsi as one of Obama’s “Obots” regarding the forged birth certificate, Johnson meeting with Syrian officials basically on Obama’s coattails should send up red flags.

Whether Johnson’s secret meeting with Syrian officials was in fact illegal under U.S. Code is another matter.


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