Video: Ex-CIA Operative: Military Thwarted Obama’s Plans To Nuke/EMP America

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former CIA spy Dr. Jim Garrow explains how the actions of three men – a Army General, an Air Force General, and a Navy Admiral – who were in charge of safeguarding the nation’s nuclear stockpile, saved the lives of 300 million Americans from the devastating effects of a planned EMP attack on the United States:

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  1. This is 100% fabricated crap. yawn. give it a rest, teabillies.

    • Warbler, keep that head of yours shoved well up your Liberal ass and ignore the evil that is being perpetrated by this administration. Everything starts with suspicion and conspiracy before truth is laid out on the table. Ignore it and you pay the price. Every rock must be unturned before the truth is uncovered.

    • Soooo, Mssr Warbler, how many PREVIOUS conspiracy theories have turned out to be true? Hmmm, let's see, F&F, IRS targeting conservatives, you can keep your plan/doctor, Benghazi… what have I missed?

    • Guinnessman1965 says:

      Would you be saying this is"Fabricated Crap" if President Bush or another Republican were in office…or are you so wrapped up in the "Cult of Obama" to see that there are things that are happening beyond what you are told?

    • Don't you wish Barry would start firing ALL the agency incompetents for all the security and policy screw-ups they have done for him….I can bet if they weren't nixed many of them would sing…

    • You don't keep up much do you!? You might try using Google…or, hell, use the yahoo search engine for that matter.
      We have "37" Terrorist Training Camps in the U.S. When Obama was asked about it, he said, "They have 2nd Amendment Rights too."

      He has an entire history of "hating this country." Where in hell have you been?!

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hey Warbler,
      where the hell have you been? are 4 dead Americans left to die means nothing to you? or the many many lies from Obozo the clown.

      Wake Up you Fool and get your head out of your azz, Obozo does not give a crap about you or any of us

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda ole warbler talks through his asshole and you know he is a liberal commie socialist bent on destroying the USA.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You're sure this is 100% fabricated? How? Sincerely, how do you know?
      Do you really know the facts or are you just in defensive mode? (You can tell that with the name calling)

      If you are a mature, independent thinking individual, I challenge you to show the reason why you believe this is all fabricated.
      I have evidence that says it's not.
      Care to compare?
      Or are you scared of the truth?
      I dare you.

      One last thing. You say 'teabillies' as if it's some type of insult. Far from it. It was 'teabillies' that actually formed this great nation on which you rely on your life for.
      You are obviously scared of The Tea Party is why you name call.
      It's far more respectful to be a Patriot than a Klansman as you are.
      I know as fact, just as I know this is not some fabricated story, that you will not respond.
      Too cowardly I presume.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Good girl Seeks but you always could hold your own with Kooks like yellow belly warbler.I'll bet he is blacker then the ace of spades. I'm also a tea party patriot and proud of it.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          I don't get why some willingly pass on propaganda. Just by what they are told, no independent thought or research, they whole heartedly support the very regime that is destroying America.
          You ask them for the very thing they claim others don't have, proof, and they jump up in arms.

          The country has had enough of these cowards. As you see, even the LSM has stopped covering for the dictator any more.
          I'm not only proud to be part of the Tea Party, but proud to be an American.
          I'm more than ready, willing and able to throw them back to the hole they climbed out of.
          I dare them to try to stop us.

        • good tea party patriot – please join OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING, MAY 16, 2014.

      • Gotta' remember that they take the freedoms of this country for granted. They think that they'll still have them if they succeed in destroying the Republic. Just like they think money comes out of thin air, they also go about as if this country just started out with the freedoms they enjoy by default. They forget that there were no Democrats back when the country was founded. They didn't come until much later, but before then they went by a different name and had to change it to Democrat. Even so, they had to latch on to the already existing system in order to exist at all. They wanted the freedoms but they didn't want to work hard to earn them.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          What 'freedom'? They don't realize they have sold out what little freedom they had left for the promise of a cell phone, or food stamps or even a couple dollars in their pockets.

          Because they are so lazy and demand to be cared for, they don't realize what true freedom is or how it feels.
          There are people today who never entered a building without having to have ID. Generations that only know welfare. Kids are now starting to graduate high school who never knew a time without the TSA. How about metal detectors at schools and even amusement parks?
          We are ordered what to eat, drink, live and even what to drive. Where and how we will get our energy. Even what light bulb we are ALLOWED to use.
          They don't know true freedom nor do they know history. All they know is how to be a revisionist.
          To challenge this faux world is almost sacrilege to them.

    • Byron Mullet says:

      "teabillies." We sure do get under liberals skin. ha ha. Fact: Liberalism is on 85 billion a month life support.
      We cannot afford the non-Christian, broken family country the liberal "City Slickers" have created. If it wasn't so much money, we could gloat over Progressivism's demise. Unfortunately, our grandkids, grandkids and theirs will still be paying it off.

    • brabbie2002 says:

      How long have you been drinking the ovomit koolaid. Can you NOT see what this vile piece of filth is doing to America? Or do you just not care? Are you one of his evil minions that thinks those that work should have to support those that won't? What effort does it take to bend over and stick your cranium up his colon? I feel sorry and shame for you!

    • Warbler ??? That`s a small Bird of no consequence and warbles making use less sounds.

    • eagle2758 says:

      GFYS, little boy.

    • you need to get your heade out of your butt

    • You my friend are very nieve you better wake up and see what is happening to your country. You have never served in the military have you? Have you ever worked for a living or are you sucking off the tax payer?

  2. Isnt a warbler some type of bird so named for making the same sounds over and over again????

  3. Warbler must be, or,is one of the dumb ones born in the baby boom. Obviously to most, or whomever reads his comment!!! But then again, it takes all kinds. If that bony monster has any influence in Washington after he leaves our White House, it will be a miracle. Nothing worse. than a phony!! Most bothersome, though, is his ability to keep his ugly past from the public.

    • Hide 'n' watch. He intends to run for a "3rd Term."

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        There will be no 'running' for term. There will be a 'stay' in Congress after America is attacked from within when the regime realizes they have lost the Senate come November.

        Once there is a stay, the EO's already written giving the dictator full power will be put into effect.
        November will be the deciding time in history for the future of America.

  4. Possibly it could be a explanation as to why these man military officers have been removed from their positions, they were not going to allow the military to become affiliated to a political party of any nature…Barry wants a army to suppress the civilians and make government all powerful, his politicizing of police, security agencies and other civilian agencies is a damn good indicator of this clowns ego and the voters and tax payers are collateral damage.
    Sounds nuts does it not but if your to stupid to pay attention then your going to take the brunt… This clod is a sworn commie, there is video proof of this and you cannot even pull up his credentials….

    • Obama is on a Mission and it is not to Protect American Christians and he is trying to do the Muslim Thing ,, Kill us all ,, He thinks that will give him a Spot in Paradise ,, What can be more dangerous to America but a Muslim trained in Marxism and Communism in Russia ,, And why is his Chief Adviser another Communist ,, Why is this Evil Man getting rid of our top Military?? Two more years we are Crazy get congress back and do what ever it takes to remove a Traitor from the White House,,, RIGHT NOW!!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You're right. Some at the top won't allow the military to be politically affiliated to one party. That's why DADT has been rescinded. rules of engagement has been changed. Even the attitudes at the top has changed.
      The ideology of the soldiers is that of the military. Change without change.
      It's also the reason we have graduating classes of the new 'Brown Shirts'.
      He might not be able to takeover our military, but he might not need to. He's building his own with power to match.

    • see that's what I don't understand. You can't pull up anything on him. We don't know anything about him except what he tells us and we know every thing that comes out of his mouth is a lie. So he can't be vetted, now am I mistaken or does everyone have to be vetted before becomming president? If that's so we don't have to impeach him we just need to throw his ass out!

  5. I hope he watches his back. Think : Breitbart, the Reporter for Rolling Stone and Chris Kyle (the sniper).

  6. That news, besides many other ones about the security of the United States and the danger Hussein Obama actually means for the country, wouldn't be enough in order to get him rid from the White House?!…What are the Military waiting for?!…

  7. He is currently getting rid of the good military people and replacing them with comrades. Police forces run by progressives are buying tanks and armored cars. if he doesnt get a third term, they will likely try to create a national emergency and attempt a hostile takeover that way – its a coup with a twist. It aways is amazing how many progressive commies like to read the conservative news. I wouldnt waste my time reading the liberal sites or news, what for? its all lies anyway.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Lawrence,

      You are right, Obozo will try to create a third term or create a False Flag, I knew this a long time ago, he is not going to give up his seat without a fight even if his term is up coming 2016. And you are right again about these Liberal sites and news media they lie, I too will not watch the tv news media or go to a liberal site.

  8. Warbler, First get out of your Moms basement, put the joint down and stop eating Cheetos! I will call your mom and tell her what you are doing and you will get a real spanking young man! I would call your Dad but like you, I do not know who he is! Oh yeah, Obama is your Daddy…Right?!
    Now, I have no doubt, that Obama would Love nothing more than to NUKE the USA! Why do you think he is building an Underwater home in Hawaii?? He cant wait till his brethren in Iran get Nukes, so they can annihilate the free Christian World. If you put anything past this maniac, you are No better than he is. Also stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Isnt it your Bedtime?

  9. He should be tried enemy of the state, and were is the idiot V.P. any way for those of you who go along with his "plans to fundamentally change America"should lose voting rights at the very least this is very scary, this makes the cold way look like day at the beach. for all the younger voters this is not a popularity contest this is 375,000,000 people lives American lives and the rest of the world will fall like a rock no more natindo games Iphones ect ect ect WAKE UP..HELL I CANT EVEN SPELL NATINDO

  10. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Be prepared for another nuke attack on America by the crazed oblameo come November 2014.
    As soon as the WH is sure they will lose the Senate, a major attack will happen.
    They know they can't allow the Senate to fall into Republican/Tea Party hands for then surely the facts will emerge and oblameo will be impeached/arrested.

    Be prepared come November for America will be attacked from within.

    • I think your right about this! Everyone should get their vital stuff EMP PROOFED. Walkie talkie, generators spare refrigators, emergency food, extra meds, water and filtration systems, guns with plenty of ammo just to start to survive. If you need to leave, have a bugout plan. We Americans can survive.

  11. Mainstream media!!!! Must read!!!!!

  12. You wouldn't think the Pentagon would standby and allow Obama to get away with possibly killing their families. But the again, 911 doesn't really add up logically either does it. Who knows what the truth is these days. We know one thing. We are not getting the truth.

  13. Wiseoldlady says:

    NO….this is NOT crap warbler. WHEN THIS EVENT OCCURRED THE RICHTER SCALE RECORDED 5 . RIGHT OFF THE COAST. I remember when it happened as none of us wanted to believe it….BUT YES IT DID HAPPEN, yes ob is very very very evil. Forgive the pun…he has gotten away with murder.

  14. YES–These men are heroes…YES–there WAS an explosion–YES–Lindsay Graham is MY Congressman, and he made an ass of himself…

  15. Byron Mullet says:

    no comment on the story at this time.

  16. you all can talk until you are blue in the face, Obama will stay until he wants. if I was him I would crown myself king and have the white people bow down to me. nothing you do or say will ever remove him from office.

  17. While we commend the generals for their resistance, These Gentlemen should have arrested Mr. Obama immediately and brought him in shackles before Congress and presented him as being the enemy within.
    This is definitely a cause for Impeachment as it is against the oath that he took to defend the USA, and exposes him for the traitor that he is.

  18. priklypete says:

    BO is pure evil and stands not for America but for the muslim brotherhood. He is the slime of the earth with exception of our Congress, Senate, and US Supreme Court.

  19. Save your comments because it's clear warbler doesn't have any intelligence and is unable to learn. Just leave him stranding with his pants around his ankles and a dumb look on his face when the sh-t hits the fan

  20. Why are there not news reporters investigating this?

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