Video: Eight-month Pregnant Woman Tasered By Cops

In Springfield, Illinois, Lucinda White was tasered by a cop after her boyfriend’s dispute with another individual over a fender bender went south…

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  1. Lolololololol! Keep it real, black folk, jus’ keep keepin’ it real! I’m lovin’ it! =-)

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    This happened years ago and she's already received her uncontested LARGE cash settlement. What more is wanted?
    I think if her being pregnant was such a deal to her, she wouldn't had been fighting in the first place BEFORE the cops came.

  3. The black hag was to prideful to lay down for a white man, now she gets to sue, go on jerry springer, and get lots of money, she looks more fat then pregnant. Lay your black ass on the ground when your told to and that all thats to it!

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