Video: Does Obama Have The Power To Kill Indiscriminately?

According to a new memo from the Department of Justice, it sure seems that way. Judge Andrew Napolitano sounds off.

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  1. Of course he has the power to kill someone. He is the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world. The question should be : does he have the authority? I think that's a NO. This man does not have the authority to sit in the oval office, let alone order the military to do anything.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      He is an interloper, taking over everythinf in America that is American. We are becoming a Communist nation.

  2. Evermyrtle says:

    He does not have that right by GOD nor by the USA law. It is quite apparent that the means to make a his law to get rid of all who do not fall at his feet. It has come to the place where our own government will not protect us from outside influence that has taken over. We still have GOD and we can depend on HIM. HE IS THERE FOR US, WE NEED TO PUT OUR TRUST IN HIM.

  3. Maybe publicly Obama would run into a brick wall on the issue. But, let's not forget his reputation for going around such brick walls. He's very sly and shifty. What he loses publicly, he seeks to win in secret.

  4. ONLY CONGRESS has the authority to engage the USA in war.

  5. If you be on the S$$T list,— you will be NEXT,—-watch out for low flying AIR CRAFT!@#$%^&*()

  6. NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW! If Obama raises the bar to be able to kill indiscriminately I guess then the rest of us can do so also. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE………!! Be careful, GOOSE!!!!!


      SIMPLY REINSTATE THAT, AND WITH THE POTUS'S ACTIONS….WELL….DON'T ASK ME MY PERSONAL OPINION(S)…BUT; Suffice it to say that "Heads Should be Kept AT LEAST below the knees!!!!!

  7. A. Patriot says:

    NOT YET, but it is COMING !!! BUT he is EVIL ENOUGH TO KILL AMERICANS !!!! barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) HATES AMERICA & TOO MANY FOOLS VOTED FOR HIM so now he just might be KILLING AMERICANS with DRONE AIRPLANES sooner than ANYONE can imagine !!!

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    The big jig was against Bush when he had enhanced interrogation commonly known as waterboarding and these enemies didn't die.Now his way is drones and blowing apart the enemy which i don't mind but where do you draw the line.An enemy of America is an enemy wetherhe is a citizen or not.I'm afraid that Obutthole will use this method of drones n this country,he should be using them on the border.

  9. IMPEACH,what does it take for the Congress to do their duty and uphold the Constitution! We have a manchurian candidate in the White House Hell bent on our destruction and both parties do nothing to stop him and the obama controled media glorifies everything he does! Do the words Dictator and tyrant ring a bell how about Hitler,Stalin,and Chairman Mao!

  10. TO WE THE PEOPLE – TURN-ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY!!! He has the right to kill Americans, indiscriminately – then WE THE PEOPLE should have the right to KILL Politicians, indiscriminately. Guess which scumbag weasle WE THE PEOPLE should start with!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fred Phillips says:

    Let me make this clear, it is not smart to attack Liberals. Plainly because Liberals do not exist anymore. What used to be Liberal Democrats are now Centrists, but even philosophically that either. Just about every politician in the federal government has sold out their office and our United States Constitution. The Republicans give Oath to not raising taxes on the ultra rich and the Democrats just sink their heads in the sand. What we need as Americans is a real American Party that is true to the principles and ideals of the United States Constitution restore the democracy powers to the People. We live in a corporate mega rich fascist government. President George Washington warned the American people, not to give patriotism to political parties. End the regime of the Democrats and Republicans in the USA and restore Truth, Liberty, and Justice for all. Every American deserves the rights of the Constitution, but this cannot be accomplished on the backs of the plutocrats that Sold Out the American people with Free Trade (that transplanted American jobs overseas) and bought out the GOP and the Democrats. Remember the Boston Tea incident was not about Liberals vs Conservatives, it was about British government coercing Americans to buy their tea on British tax, that was corporate fascism too. Think about it, what American products do we have in USA. Everything is made overseas and shipped back to USA on American Tax Payers' backs to buy again with Sales Tax. We have been screwed on so many levels. Unless we work together to end the reign of Wall Street, Banks, Billionaires, and mainstream media with all the monopolization we will lose the principles of our Constitution completely and America will not be a republic to the people, but a corporate monarchy. Tune in to Breaking the Set and The Big Picture on RT

  12. Eddy Fudd says:

    He (Obamma) takes things seriously? No! He is a lying SOB with NO LOVE for America. Get ready for the final conflict: We, The People vs. the Illegal Alien and Czars and all other non-legal immigrants (Mexicans, Muslims, etc.)! Hey, below (to Fred)…I hear what you are saying (in my heart), and agree with you. All true AMERICANS should join-in on the dogfight ahead! More later…

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