Video: Did Arabs Fund Obama At Harvard? (Part 2)

(Editor’s note: watch Part 1 here.)

A campaign-destroying revelation for the Obama campaign was made in August of 2008. Percy Sutton, former civil rights giant, stated on a local New York TV show that Barack Obama’s education at Harvard (and even his appointment as president of the Harvard Law Review) had been funded by “one of the world’s richest men,” via black Muslim radical Khalid al-Mansour.

“One of the worlds richest men” turned out to be Saudi billionaire Prince Alaweed, who eventually poured millions into Ivy League colleges, setting up “Islamic Studies” programs.

The Obama campaign at the time swept the story under the rug by having Ben Smith (then at Politico) call Sutton a dithering old fool, more than likely with dementia, who was confusing Obama with someone else.

From 2008 until several days ago, the allegation lay dormant. But a local reporter in northern Montana, Frank Miel with the Daily Inter Lake, made a shocking discovery. Frank Marshall Davis crony Vernon Jarrett wrote an article in 1979 describing just such an arrangement, entitled “Will Arabs Back Ties to Blacks with Cash?”, whereby Saudi billionaires using OPEC money funneled millions of dollars to black radicals. Who was named as the middle man and quoted in the article? Khalid al-Mansour.

Obama’s denial of having any association with al-Mansour has been further discredited with a video recently uncovered that shows al-Mansour offering the Obama campaign advice in 2008.

Obama has stated that he racked up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans while attending Harvard.

We say to Obama: Prove it.

Prove a Saudi billionaire didn’t bankroll your education.

Prove you don’t bow and coddle the Saudis because they put you through Harvard.

Show us your college records. Show us your student loan records, Mr. President.

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  1. Well, they are certainly getting repaid now……………….

  2. Sometimes, danger lurks in George Gollin's pants.

  3. HAVE WE ALL LOST OUR MINDS? We have freedom of speech (still, so far). Obama has lied and cheated especially in the domain of credentials for the office he sits and in foreign relations.

    There is no question whatsoever that he is due impeachment. He has no fear of that because there are foreign forces available for him to pick up his career and move him forward… his next job awaits him wheter it is now or 4 years from now, so you won't hurt his feelings if you ride him out of town on a rail. It is WE that suffer having to live witha broken economy and a tarnished reputation for being so stupid as to leave the blaggard into the Whitehouse for 4 whole years. Come on! Vveryone, especially ALL Congress-Men and Women; warm up the tar pots and commence with the House cleaning… Avanti!


    • but it is NOT the foreign countries we need to be worried about. bo would not have gotten as far as he has in DC IF it weren't for reid, pelusi, hillary, AND OTHERS who could care less that he is not legal AND do not care that he is signing EOs weekly that are giving him more and more control of the USA…

  4. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    It all comes full circle — but there are plenty more details to know any case, hope you all understand that in 2008 there was no election — it was bought by the Saudis to ramrod Islam into our government. No wonder Oshamo doesn't want the gas pipeline to move forward — he still owes the Saudis and is pimping all Americans with the bill!

    And don't think Oshamo and his bitch are remaining on US soil.. they will have permanent refuge in a foreign nation once they have pitted Americans against Americans to help the overthrow of our government..hmmm.. the saudis understand well about civil wars — that whole region is one massive civil war for the last 1000+ years! They are savages — just like the billboard in NYC states. Call a spade, a spade and let no one tell you differently. There is a right and wrong way in this world.. Get your voting pencils sharpened and keep an eye out for sleazy types at the polls..Voter fraud will occur unless we remain vigilant!

  5. There is plenty of evidence of high crimes on multiple fronts to impeach this traitor. When are the Republicans going to grow some balls?

  6. When Ann Dunham left the US she was interviewed on T.V.. My Mom Said;" She's going over the water to marry her baby's daddy,her black prince". A.D. said she was going to indonesia to have her baby by "natural childbirth because they were so much more advanced in it than the US was."

  7. That's what I say SHOW US EVERYTHING ~ These very words came out of OBummers mouth " When someone hides something, it means they have something to hide" He must have been talking about himself. Hmmmm as a matter of fact he was talking about himself!!!

  8. Video: David Horowitz calls Huma Abedin a ‘Muslim Brotherhood operative’ on Fox News; Megyn Kelly shuts him down

  9. A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s
    participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who
    were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

  10. This is what racism looks like.

  11. Muslim woman throws her newborn baby down a
    50 foot rubbish chute.

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why wouldn't they as Modonna says we have a black muslim in thr white house or nshould it be called the gray house.

  13. Warrior Princess says:

    Hey Raymond.. I read that article about the gay bath houses, etc. It helped me understand a lot. I was so dumb that for over two years I thought those three black gay guys got murdered to keep them from talking. Now I see that it not only kept them quiet; it kept everyone quiet because everyone was afraid of getting killed if they said anything. o has done everything possible to legalize homosexuality here and there and everywhere. This is inclusive of goals to address it in hostile countries where those foreign nationals are going to be so mad at us over what o is doing, that they will do whatever they can to obliterate us.!! Now it as a point that when the information about him is inevitably exposed, it will not be so harsh against him.

    • Warrior Princess says:

      The last sentence is supposed to be "Now it IS AT a point that when the information about him is inevitably exposed, it will not be so harsh against him." This is because he has practiced Saul Alinsky rules successfully. One rule is to keep pressing something hard enough and it will get to the other side. He has done that until it is getting more accepted. Thankfully, the Catholics and others will not give him victory. Another Alinsky rule is to make it seem bigger than what it is. That is easy. The liberal lame media dispenses his koolaid. Another Alinsky strategy is to keep pushing an issue until everyone in resistance wears down. I feel terrible about those three victims who got killed. Imagine their last terrifying moments when someone was killing them and forcing pain on them. Imagine their cold blooded murderer in action. Imagine them being innocent victims and thinking how they didnt deserve the pain or death. Imagine who was behind their deaths and what the motive was.

  14. bo went to school with & is a friend to the King of Saudi Arabia's nephew. bo was accepted into Harvard because the king promised $$$. They rec'd it the next year……………….

  15. SAVE AMERICAN! SAVE OUR FREEDOMS! Vote Romney and Get Rid of bo!

  16. Is Harvard willing to imperil our nation by silence? Such an institution should be more willing to tell the truth than condone helping Islam take over our country. Speak up Harvard and tell the truth about you "former student" Barack Obama.

  17. I read about this back in 2008. I believed it then and I believe it now. I think our president has an air of privilege about him and it's probably because he has been privileged his entire life. He has had connections, as well as grandparents who have advanced his way through colleges and law school. And he is beholding to these people who have helped him. This most likely explains his loyalty to Arab leaders.

    We can easily guess that he grew up listening to those who hate America's standing in the global community. It is a mantra he cannot turn off and it plays over and over in his mind. I believe he came into this presidency with the intent to change this country and if he gets another 4 years, he may accomplish this. It is important that we stop him now by voting for a REAL American: Mitt Romney.

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