Video: DHS: Napolitano Bringing 15,000 Russian Troops To U.S

She says they are intended to help in “disasters.” Right, right…

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  1. Putin and the Ruskies just instituted laws forbiding homosexual public behavior and also the adoption of babies to Americans who are gay. Never thought I would say this but, GOOD FOR THEM.

  2. upaces88 says:

    What upcoming disaster?

    • jon graham says:

      2014 elections. this way the russians will already know of our weapons and. secrets. they want have to sneak around to find out this way

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    All I want to know is why we are training russian troops is it because Obutthole is scared that if the people revolt the Americans won't kill theirown but the Russians would.That fat piece of shit Janet Incompatano should be dragged out and stoned muslim style for doing Obuttholes bidding.

    • upaces88 says:

      My fear? My fear is that he will do a FINAL take-over of the U.S. for the Muslims. Why do I think that?
      We are to have a Million Man Muslim March in NY on 9/11.

      Is that what this is all about? OR, do you think he is going to "cause" something else?

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        If they get the million then the NYC police no matter how good they are will never be able to stop them and Obutthole will not turn the army on his people.What will all those rich liberal people think if their condos are set a blaze.but it would serve them right for being up Obumas ass.

  4. What "upcoming disaster" is big sis talking about? They may be "O's army".

  5. VirgoVince says:

    Russians die just like any other enemy, if they're foolish enough to go up against OUR millions of armed residents all over the country!! They hate ovomit, too!
    mu-slimes don't have a million 'men' to form any kind of march and if they try it, there will be that many fewer mu-slimes in OUR country!! So, I hope they do!!
    EVERY one should be alert to anything strange or suspicious going on in the areas and report it to the local police, the FBI and the Natl Guard!! If they don't take action, THEN WE WILL!!!!
    BAND together with friends and neighbors, before it's too late!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Virgo I hate tosay this but you pop a muslim even he is committing a crime you will be punished like Zimmerman is being railroaded in Sanford Fl.Don't forget muslim terrorists or iggers can kill white people because that is their culture to kill White Ass Crackers

      • VirgoVince says:

        You may be right, Edward, but if we don't kill them, they will kill us, I'd rather take my chances that other armed citizens will back up others; they can't stop us all!!
        WHEN we get rid of ovomit, mu-slimes ain't gonna be protected anymore!! I really don't give a F''K!!

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Virgo what do think about that asshole Jim McDermont that made the FBI take down the pictures of the terrrorist on the buses in Washington wanted by the FBI.He should die a miserable death for sticking up for terrorists

  6. mutantone says:

    Can we declare an emergency and have them take out Obama?

  7. Alan E Ross says:

    I have said this all along ,,That Obama was devious and was planning a war ,,and now what more proof do you all want to hear .. We Americans Must stop this Insanity , This SOB Obama has been creating all these little and big diversions as to keep Americans angry and Mad enough to want to fight for there right ,, and he knows that American Solders won't shoot there own kind ,,even under orders ,,because they know it's wrong ,,and so Obama had this Back up plan with the Russians … They hate us any way …and are part of Obama's Radical Muslim terrorists any way . WE must stop this , Yes Obama wants a war as a take over to rid Christians .. He's afraid of Christians ,, Anti Christian always have been afraid because they know the Power of Jesus ….and we Must Pray heavy ,,every day ,,even more so now ,,thius country need you and me and all who believe in Jesus …and yes I believe Jesus will show us the way and How to fight this Evil thing … Please join me in every day prayer as I pray for Justice be done and peace for this Country .to take control again …Through Jesus I pray ..Again ….Amen Amen Amen ……

  8. we the people need to drag mr obama out of the white house and prosecute him as a traitor as well as his cabinet members including janet napolitano, lets follow egypts lead and get our country back !!!!!!!!

  9. Sideshow says:

    …and there will be 15,000 DEAD Russian troops in very short order…along with whoever else they've been sneaking into our country under the radar….
    After cleaning OUR house, it'll be tribunal time for every last traitor in Washington…which will doubtless result in the richly-deserved public executions they have all earned…

    • upaces88 says:

      Before you start shooting, I want you to think about something that has been on my mind.
      Putin cannot stand Obama. Putin has been speaking out AGAINST Obama for the NSA spying on us, news people, etc…. as well as Foreign countries. Russia is not the only country speaking out against Obama's treason against the American People. Ireland, UK, Iceland, and I am sorry to say, I know there are two more countries, but I cannot think of them at this moment.

      It just seems strange to me that Obama thinks he can trust them to shoot at us vs. helping us….just a thought.

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