Video: DHS Continues To Target Conservatives, Ignore Islamists

“Groups that believe that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent.” describes potential terrorists? What the heck? DHS is using left wing hate groups and even Islamic groups with ties to terrorism as consultants to determine who are threats.

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  1. Napolitano is a real lame brain! What is she smoking?

  2. Well good, then they won't be surprised.

  3. Disgusted says:

    Our country is under attack by these filthy ragheads, sand “negros”, and mu SLIMES! What we need is a royal flush, flushing everyone who looks like a slimey bastard down the crapper. That, or put them all on boats with great leaks, and tell them to sink, swim or drown. I don’t care how the go, just that they do. As for DHS, they are full of this same slime, MU SLIMES, so what else do we expect from such a sorry lot of losers and dirtbags, and scum? At the head of this mess, is that dyke, Incompetano, who couldn’t find her own ass with both hands, a flashlight, a map, and verbal directions. She is one of many enemies we have now in Washington, and she is as guilty of treason and murder as Holder and Obama. She supports them, and their filthy agenda, and that makes her guilty by association. If not down right collusion. Because I think that she also, knew about this F&F thing right from the start, to the disasterous finish. And is protecting her lard ass as much as they are. An uglier bunch as is in our nation’s capitol I have never seen, ugly outside, and inside as well, their hearts are wicked and as black as sin.


  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Just as the Jews were made a threat, patriotic Americans MUST be made to be the enemy so they can get them to walk QUIETLY into the FEMA camps.
    History is just repeating itself.
    America will die on July 27, 2012.

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