Video: DHS Buys 200,000 More Rounds Of Ammo, Over 1.6 Billion Total

While the Obama administration sets out to eviscerate the gun rights of American citizens in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, earlier this week it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security has awarded a company a contract worth over $45,000 dollars to provide the DHS with 200,000 more rounds of bullets.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    Meanwhile, I'm stocking up on all the ammo I can get my hands on.

  2. disgusted says:

    DHS, full of iggers and sand iggers. Does anyone have to wonder why they are stocking up on so much ammunition? I sure don’t, as it is the intention of all sand iggers to kill all Americans.

    And with a SLIME in office, leading this pack of hyenas, it is no great surprise to me! We are “protected” in DHS, by mu SLIMES, and America hating iggers. We are not safe.

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