Video: Dennis Miller To Small Biz Owners: Fire Obama Supporters!

Comedian and conservative political commentator Dennis Miller has some advice for small-business owners who say Obamacare is causing them to lay off workers…

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  1. A Patriot says:

    Plus we need to fight back and DEMONIZE EVERY LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY MEMBER, just the way they do !!!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Come on. Dennis made this statement a long time ago. He's had much better ideas than this (really) recently.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Just listening to Miller on the Factor we know he is an intelligent person.I like the idea of firing any Obutthole supporter.

  4. They would be the first to go in my company. You voted for him now i have to let people go due to the unaffordable healthcare act so I will let those that supported this assclown lose their jobs so they can feel good about their decisions.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama supporters are the DumbestAsses on the planet. Mark Dice has them sign anything on a petition if he uses key words like "will you help Obama…". They've signed petitions like:
    1 Repeal the Bill of Rights because it is old fashioned and Obama should use the Patriot Act instead.
    2 Repeal the 1st Amendment so that the Tea Party and right wingers won’t say anything mean about Obama.
    3 Repeal the 2nd Amendment so Obama can take the guns away from the Tea Party, right wingers, and right extremists.
    4 Repeal the 4th amendment because it is old fashioned and Obama should be able to search anything of yours if you have nothing to hide.
    5 Repeal the 6th and 7th amendments since Obama signed the NDAA which will speed up the trial process or eliminate it all together when someone is charged with a crime.
    6 Obama wants to be added to Mt. Rushmore since we need more racial equality and affirmative action.
    7 Ban and confiscate gold coins from people’s homes and safe deposit boxes as part of Obama’s economic recovery plan.
    So Obama supporters sign petions just like they vote, totally stupid

    • Hi MusliveLuvChrist,

      That is so true, I have seen Mark Dice's videos and these people will sign anything, including giving up all of their rights to a dictator. Between voter fraud and these low information voters that is why our Country is moving backwards and into poverty.

    • concernedcitizenhere says:

      ummm item #5 above actually omits any charges being filed, no miranda rights, no trial, you can be held indefinetly onshore or offshore without notifying anybody where you are, and labeled as a terrorist or killed.

  6. I agree with Dennis Miller, he is right, fire all of those obama/biden supporters who voted for this. This obamacare is hurting businesses and people.

  7. sreynolds says:

    LOL My company has already done this, we only had three people that openly supported him, they are long gone…….. Needless to say, we get more work done now that the dead weight is gone…..

  8. concernedcitizenhere says:

    Then after you fire the lib obots…hey tell them it "ain't so bad" your O daddy will give you a free cell phone, temporary food stamps, money for your rent assistance, unemployment for a while, and free medical too. Then when your unemployment runs out there's always the temp employment agencies that hire for at minimum wages and you can even work for new company's 20 hours per week and also another benefit is that you will experience working for numerous different companys on a part time basis. Isn't that exciting??? But oh I forgot to mention to you that any money you make for a temp service even if you manage to work full time for months or years will never be considered as allowable income by banks for any type of loan that you may need. Not a car purchase, home loan, etc. etc. etc. according to the CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Board rules to the banks. Yup true story.

    Now, don't you all feel better that voted for O? I think it is a WONDERFUL idea that Dennis Miller has suggested.

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