Video: Democrats To Strip Gun Rights From Military Vets

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) hopes to stop a major defense spending bill in its tracks now that Democrats have added an amendment that allows them to take away the guns of certain military veterans.

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  2. Since liberalism is a mental defect, shouldn't all liberals be prevented from owning guns? As a retired US Army Infantryman and combat veteran, it makes sense to me. If you want to take my guns, you had better be prepared to fight for them. I certainly am.

    • my family & friends are with you…I'm not giving up anything…primarely my Rights & Freedoms! BO can go fry!

  3. VirgoVince says:

    THIS I gotta see!! How do they think they're gonna get close enough to take anything but a few bullets??
    Order lots of garbage bags for the idiot libturd carcasses!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      let them just rot in the streets or carry them off into the woods for animal food.I think a buzard would puke picking on libturd carcasses.

      • Peaver Bogart says:

        LOL, I'm not even sure that the wolves here in Montana would eat a libturd. They would probably puke too.

  4. Crankyoldone says:

    SLAVES can't own GUNS

  5. Our country is being taken from us piece by huge, freedom-loving, piece.

    If this doesn't get some of the liberals to stop in their tracks and understand that they are next, they are willfully blind and they and their children's children will rue the day they started down this dark and un-Constitutional path.

    The Revolution was fought about taxation without representation, now we have no representation on so many other issues where can this end but in sorrow and division?

    Didn't anyone read Lincoln's speech?

    Didn't anyone really get Jefferson?

    Didn't Washington, the General himself, have reservations and problems when Congress was out of control at the very beginning? The First Continental Congress was such a mess it had to be dissolved.

    Please, God, we need you; these people being led not only from you but towards an internal tearing that we might have a very hard time coming back from.

    • Read how God deals with critters like this …in the old testiment he told them to kill them all and take everything after they treated his most chosen people,"The Jews" in a contemptable setting..God is Helping us and I love him dearly. Jesus is coming and there is not one magot that will ever have a defense when evil is involved…"my people perish for lack of knowledge…better seek the truth first.

  6. So if SOME VETS are deemed to have a mental illness, and removing their guns makes it saver for people, then why not take their cars and drivers licenses away, how about turning off the gas at their home because they may blow up the neighborhood. These liberals are full of and made of shit, we must stand firm against them. (excuse my language please)

  7. There will always be morons who demand and threaten for what they do not have from those who have anything at all — private property and firearm confiscation being constantly pushed, even w/o a crisis, manufactured or otherwise.
    It would seem at first perhaps they might be willing to die for their beliefs, but — not to worry — they don't believe in anything exept maybe their great ability to manipulate talking over their lattes or glass of white wine.
    Resistance with calm resolve brings them down every time.
    N.B. — Nowadays you don't have to wait 'til you see the whites of their eyes.

  8. ihatelibs says:

    It's time to start knocking off libs one at a time.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    I wish someone could take Chunky Schumer from NY and kick him in the balls since he is in lock step with Obutthole.This piece of garbage is picking on vets who fight or fought for there country.They would rather see the terrorists have guns along with the mexican drug cartels like Chunkys boys did in Fast & Furious.

  10. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of straw purchases for these honorable veterans!

  11. I believe it's time for a Second Civil War

  12. What can they withhold from shoe mire because It's well known that he has a mental disability. None to smart.
    Makes you wonder what else is hidden in the bill. There should not be any amendments to any of these bills. They should be straight up and very very clear, and no more than two pages.




  15. Retired Marine says:

    One sure way to start the next revolution. The government has a mental illness.

  16. If you are a veteran who seeks help for PTSD that will make you ineligible to own a gun. Politicians are the one who shouldn't be allowed to own guns. When the war starts once a few hundred Washington politicians are gone order will be restored. I wan't to see a day where no politician will take an anti-gun stance for fear of their life.

  17. do not need to be a military runs in our genetic linage.We as AMERICANS fight for what is right and wrong and DO defend our country. So if you just have a green card, your just passing through and have NO rights . Guns are what we are weaned on and ammo is our playmate.everything from bb guns to M-80's got ya covered. We have no room for left wing cowards like OBAMA and example Bengahzi..IMPEACH him, Holder gerrat, clinton's,(for the 2nd time) napalano …let us suceed from this communist state they call "entitlements and we will continue to care for our GOD, Country and GUNS

  18. let them try

  19. Don't these officials realize they have access to other weapons what morons they have our guns too!!! Hug and get to know a veteran today! Who's the ones with lack of brains? Today we are all veterans!

  20. disgusted says:

    I have said many times, regarding mu SLIMES, “if it is a SLIME, KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS YOU!” And now, we can add to this, “If it is a LIBTURD, KILL it, before it tries to kill you, and your rights”! And I mean this, because it is coming to this, either we are going to be killed, or we must start defending ourselves, and our rights before, BEFORE they go for broke, and kill us and everything we love, honor, respect and hold dear! Including our RIGHT TO OWN AND BEAR ARMS! Maybe they should take away the piano wire, the guitar strings, the rope, the knives, the nail guns, rocks, and anything else that can be used to KILL! The thing is, that PEOPLE KILL EACH OTHER WITH MANY MANY DIFFERENT WEAOPONS, be they any of the above, or a simple posion made from plants such as even an Oleander bush! I mean really, how do they intend to stop any and all killing done by man for centuries? Do they want to take away our pillows too, pillows can be used to SMOTHER a person to death!? Then, maybe go for our fists, as a fist used in the correct manner, say, to the nose just right, can kill a person just as fast and deadly as any gun ever made! Bows and arrows, perhaps? A big stick, one of which I happen to own, can be used as a weapon also……..are these people for real? Seriously? On top of supporting an igger for president, which proved beyond a doubt that they are the most stupid of all beings in this nation, now they think they can “end violence and murder” by taking guns away from the very people who protects their rights as well as ours, and their “simple” solution to violence is to take our guns away? Tal about “SIMPLE” minds! They and their minds, (providing they even have one between them) go beyond “simple mindedness” so far that it reaches beyond the black holes in space, to only GOD knows where! If they want violence ended, theirs, and our best bet IS GOD! Only GOD can end this violent society known as “mankind”. However, leave the “kind” out of the equation, as man knows no such thing as “kindness”, that tit has dried up, if it ever factually existed in the first place, after the sin commited in the Garden of Eden……………example, Cain slays his brother, and from there, violence is the afterwards for all humanity! Violence and evil…………the heart and mind of man is evil beyond imagining, and beyond compare!

  21. Didn't the Australian authorities track down and kill the original Crocodile Dundee for refusing to surrender his. Talked with a Chinese young man couple years ago, said in China they give you 20 years for owning a gun. Catch you making ammo, they take you outside and shoot you. No trial, no nothing. Even the police turn their guns in a end of their shifts.

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