Video: Democrat Won’t Shake Black GOP Opponent’s Hand!

During an on-air debate, Ralph Northam, the McAuliffe-backed Democrat running for Lt. Gov. in Virginia, refused to shake hands with E. W. Jackson, his GOP opponent, who happens to be a black minister.

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  1. Hypocrite. He touts equality and wont even shake the hand of a black man and in fact goes on to ignore him through the rest of the broadcast. Looks like Northam's version of equality is very selective. "Sure, I believe in equality…so long as you're not a Christian, conservative, Republican, straight, or black. Otherwise, I'm all for equality." I hope the people see through that man and he winds up losing his seat. I think that would be justice. Heck, I'm hoping that 2014 turnaround everybody's been confident about takes place. That would also be just. Unfortunately, I can't be that confident. Democrats and RINOs are particularly slick and sneaky. Everyone remember how Obama stole the last election? Here's hoping enough of America is awake to override the voter fraud that I'm almost certain will take place. They can't seem to lay off the race card, why should they lay off the voter fraud?

  2. It goes to show you how liberal democrats think. They have no respect for anyone who disagrees with them. They preach how the party is the party for the black voter. And I'm sorry to say most blacks believe this trash and continue to vote the party year in and year out. It's time for black Americans to do their homework and vote for the best man rather than the party.

  3. Where is the outrage from the media?

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    People of Virginia deserve what they get and look who they're electing as governor one of the biggest crooks going.Robert E Lee is turning over in his grave wtching Virginia going to hell .Where is the NAACP on this or the main stream media.It goes to show you if your black and a republican your not considered an igger.

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