Video: Democrat Politician Warns Jewish Voters About Obama

The candid interview that has shocked Democrats across the USA. Democrat politician from New York warns Jewish voters.

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  1. YOU JEWS !! had better wake up,!!!! that stinking ( ZEBRA )——Is going to SHOT you ass down if he is REELECTED —WRITE IT ON YOU WALL!!!!

    • And if they don't wake up, they deserve what they get.

      • monkshoodgardens says:

        "they deserve what they get"? Really? Spoken like a true…what is it that you are? Something ignorant and hateful. Whatever happens to 'us' will happen to you, you foolish woman! Try to wake up and think clearly…they hate Jewish people…anyone who is not Muslim and anyone white…that includes quite a lot of people whether they vote for or against him…though I believe he'll win as he's going to be certain of it one way or another. Your words, however, are spewing hate…Again, a time for banding together whatever our beliefs…dividing us all regardless of beliefs, etc., is what Obama wants.

      • Holly, WE THE PEOPLE will ALL suffer if we don't participate in voting him out. He is using the DOJ to block attempts to remove NON-citizen ILLEGALS from voting rolls across the nation, he's using the DOJ and ACLU to obstruct PHOTO ID laws in various states: ATTENTION AMERICA–OWEbumbler and Holder are VIOLATING U.S. Supreme Court ruling from April, 2008–the Court has already RULED PHOTO ID'S ARE LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL!! This man has NO RESPECT for RULE OF LAW OR CONSTITUTION, we need to permanently retire him in November.

    • Sharon Swezey says:

      Not zebra–SKUNK :half-black, half-white, & stinks…

  2. We are witnessing the 2nd coming of Adolf Hitler!

    • I agree 100%. I have seen "The fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler" on the History or Military channel and what is happening in our world today seems so much the same when Hitler came to power. If anyone gets these channels, please watch this program. It will frighten you!

  3. monkshoodgardens says:

    Saying "YOU JEWS" is disrespectul and people listen much better if spoken to in a proper manner. That aside, I cannot, for the life of me, understand my fellow Jews who are so incredibly foolish, stuplid, blind (pick an adjective) who would vote for someone that hates them and wants them exterminated. It is beyond my understanding.I nor anyone in my family voted for him the first time nor will we ever. And everyone who does not agree with him is a target so we need to remember that we are all in this together…not a time to separate 'us' from 'them' – my .02.

    • Who does the reporting on how the Jews feel about Obam since he has betrayed them so badly. Surely they,most of them at least are against him. Hopefully they are keeping quiet and are going to show some fortitude at the polls

    • 2parrotsandadog says:

      I'm a Christian and grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. It amazes me that I am standing up for Israel while my childhood friends are not. They would gladly follow Obama off a cliff. Some say that voting doesn't matter anyway, but will still vote for Obama. Others feel that if they speak out against the Muslim world that they will somehow become Nazis themselves and have taken up for the Muslims. None are standing up for Israel. I have actually lost one friend because I spoke up for Israel. I don't understand it although I have tried. Many have actually lived in Israel at different times or have relatives there. I've read the Bible from cover to cover many times and every time the Jews get into trouble with God it is because they embrace what God is against. Why they are pushing the homosexual agenda and abortion is beyond me.
      I practiced at a hospital that was in a predominately black city. Growing up I never heard one word against blacks from anyone I knew or in my home. I thought that there was a bond between Jews and blacks because of the shared history of slavery. Out in the work force I was surprised to find out just how much blacks hate Jews. They deeply resent Jews because of how resilient they are. If I explained to you how I found out, you would be shocked.
      The only rational explanation for the Jewish reaction is that God has hardened their hearts for some purpose. For the first time in my life I am afraid for my country and also for the destruction of Israel. May God have mercy on us .

  4. When is the government going to talk about the US and our issues? End all foreign aid. Bring ALL of the troops home. Israel has 300 nuclear bombs, Iran has ZERO!

  5. i dont trust Obama either… he is a Bilderberg gang member too.

  6. This is one smart Jew. I am with him 100% .

  7. The Assemblyman is right……Obama is a danger to the state of Israel due to his alignment with islam………Researchers have found that Obama has such a nefarious past that one can only conclude he doesn't have his american constituents' best interests. I'm truly frightened for my children.

  8. Does anyone remember the video's of Louis Farrakhan calling 0bama the messiah, and also saying HitIer was a nice guy.
    The real the Nazi is black and backing 0bama, the Jews need to wake up while there are still some left.
    The White supremacists don't realize that Jewish RothschiIds backed HitIer during ww2, and the ordinary Jew is going to be wiped along with them. The everyday Jew doesn't get a, "get out of jail free card."

  9. jeff melton says:

    My Jewish friends please be advised, Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro, is no friend of Israel or the Jewish people. Obama has never renounced his Moslem faith nor his adopted identity. My friends be careful of those like Obama who may be using Taqiyah as a means of winning the war against the Jews.

  10. Bippy Bellito says:

    Netanyahu is an astute, honorable man who was educated in the U.S and understands B.S. when he sees and hears it. Surprisingly, a great many Jewish Americans have a hard time believing that The Holocaust could happen to them again. Think again. Obama could care less about Israel or its people. First, the Jews, then The Catholics, and then other Christian groups. Be Warned. Obama is truly and Evil Man and maybe a Golum.

  11. What the Republicans MUST DO is to start countering the lousy obama's LYING campaign ads that are on TV !! Are there ANY Romney Ads running on TV anywhere, I have not seen them if they are !!!!!
    Especially on TV land where the LYING video trying to convince the American people that they are ACTUALLY BETTER OFF NOW than they were 4 years ago, is shown every 15 MINUTES !!! The other ad that was running was one with the OLD GRAY LYING slick willy telling people that all the Republicans want is to lower taxes on the "UPPER MIDDLE CLASS" and "DE-REGULATE" everything like they did "before" and THOSE "policies" are the reason we are where we are now !!!!
    The LIAR also claims that barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) has the plan to "FIX" America "FROM THE GROUND UP" all we have to do is let him continue what he started and America will be FIXED !!!!
    They keep sending ME campaign ads in snail mail and email !! I am on THEIR SIDE and have been planning on VOTING for Romney even before he thought about running !!!! Without those kinds LYING ads getting some kind of opposition, that LOSER will get to DESTROY AMERICA JUST LIKE HE PLANNED TO !!!
    The "DUMBED DOWN" American people are bad enough because they are HOPELESS because you can't EVER convince them that soetoro is RUINING AMERICA, the MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA CULT has seen to that !!! Now people on the fence seing those LYING ads may just believe it TOO !!! WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

  12. Is there a surprise in here somewhere? Nobama has no class! He's a Dithering Doofus with no sense of honor, no core values, no character. He's an empty suit, a puppet with someone else playing the role of puppeteer. Probably George Soros.

  13. Dear Mr. Obama:
    We all know you're a communist God hating, America hating
    bi-sexual muslim. We all know that you support the molestation
    of children, men & women at the airport. I'm wondering if you're
    a child molester yourself. Perhaps you should be investigated
    for such crimes, but we all know that America's legal system would
    protect child molesters at your level. We all know that you have a
    so-called terrorist watch list, more accurately known as a hit list.
    I want to share with you some things about me that I know will
    put me at the top of your hit list.

    1). I'm a Christian, this one alone should put me at the top
    of your list.

    2). I support our troops.

    3). I support pay raises for America's military staff.

    4). I'm a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment.

    5). I support America's law enforcement agencies.

    6). I support the closing of America's boarders.

    7). I support the deportation of all muslims, starting with you.

    8). I support the deportation of all illegals.

    9). I support the imprisonment of all communists,
    starting with those at the Southern Poverty Law Center
    & the ACLU.

    10). I support drug testing for anyone receiving

    11). I support capital punishment.

    12). God opposes the sins of homosexuality
    & lesbianism & so do I.

    13). Any politician caught lying or stealing
    should get 10 years in prison breaking big
    rocks into little rocks.

    14) The teaching of God's Word needs to
    be made mandatory in America's schools
    and Colleges.

    15). Evolution is a lie & the teaching of
    such should be made a crime with a
    5 year prison sentence.

    16). Homosexual marriage needs
    to be outlawed.

  14. Deepizzaguy says:

    At least one Democrat is telling the real truth of why Obama is not their best friend. Wake up people and face reality.

  15. Edwardkoziol says:

    When Obutthole would rather meet with that jig Beyond something or another and that real asshole Kenya West then with a leader of Israel, Netenyahu then something is wrong.Our so called president hates jews and Israel.The only ones he likes are people like Spielberg ,Strisand and rich jews who contribute the rest can kiss his half black ass.

  16. Theonethatknows says:

    When Obama says he has the Jews back…he means their back as a target to thrust a knife into! He is an enemy of the Jews! Jews are being deceived at the highest level! Wake-up..all Obama wants is your destruction.


  18. I as a non Jew have never understood why they vote democrat Ii think it finally has been explained by this jewish man. Obama who has little to do with Israel and yet these people will vote for him. the jewish woman obama has put in charge is a loser if one knows about her background and she is looking t0 replace Pelosi another loser. so many problems with a democratic senate and all is still blamed on bush. I will honestly say bush was tired of hearing how bad he was and along with idea mainly to have obama voted in to show to americans how bad the country would get and it has proved to be true. A person who ran without a legal birth certificate, a false story about his birth now stating he had a single mother , free education as a non american , same with wife who hates country. tell me how dumb are the Americans who always seem to believe a lie rather than a truth and I need not go to far to meet these people as I have relatives who vote the party not the candidate.

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