Video: Democrat On 10,535 Pages Of Obamacare Regs: ‘Is It Important That I Read It?’

When asked by whether he had read all 10,535 pages of final Obamacare regulations that have so far been published in the Federal Register, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) asked in return whether it was “important” the he read them…

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  1. dewiseguy says:

    They think that "We the people" are stupid enough to sign up for this BS without reading it.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Well they, and those like them, are so they assume the rest of America is.
      Boy were they fooled weren't they?

  2. Typical of the elitist scum in Washington.

  3. Gee, waxman, maybe if you actually read the baloney you're trying to shove down the throats of the American people, you might actually understand why Americans don't want B.O.-Care. Apparently, you're one of those "low information" people we keep hearing about. So here goes, "we don't want b.o.-care!" because we have read it!!!!

  4. VirgoVince says:

    Don't read it henry, just snort it, what difference does it make anyway, you won't understand it??

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Waxman I swear is an alien from the planet Ugly.He looks like a rat with those teeth and he makes such stupid statements.I wonder how much he charges to haunt a house on Halloweeen.The goof ball was put there to read what is put forth to vote on.I guess he believes like that botox bitch Pelosi that you have to pass something to know nwhat's in it.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    NGR nose Waxman has admitted in a town hall before that he does not read every bill which he votes on. Maybe he should explain why he does not have to explain whether he read the reams of regulations of Obamacare, which every American has to endure. Maybe he would also like to explain why he supports a law which is forcing businesses to cut hours or lay off workers, as well as push doctors out of the medical profession, and even frustrates unions who sill want their health plans protected. Give Congressman Waxman a call, and let him know what you think:
    Washington, DC Office, 2204 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3976, Fax: (202) 225-4099

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