Video: Democrat Frothing At The Mouth.. On Hannity

Rabid Democrat Keith Ellison goes berzerk on Hannity for telling the truth…

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  1. He is a muslim

  2. This man(Soterero) is a narcisstic arrogant, dysfunctional, racist, hypocritical megalomaniac. He is a liar and a fraud. The facts are there and are indisputable This congressman is typical of the rabid, dysfunctional propagandists that will support Sotero regardless of the facts or the truth. The truth to them is whatever their messiah says it is. Their biggest, deepest fear is that they will one day have to admit that they have supported a hoax and will have to suffer the chaos that will ensue. They will reap what they have sown. A lie is a lie no matter how many ignorant, weak minded fools repeat it. Even the slave-esque idol worshipers in the media are deeply fearful of the juggernaut that will collapse this republic and destroy our economy and our standing in the world. Sotero is that juggernaut and his ideology and policies and the grand fraud that he has successfully wrought is the fuel that has lit the fires that cannot be stopped. I would almost pity these ignorant imbeciles were it not for the damage they have done.

    • I would just like to say that the bible says a lying tongue is credited but for a moment. I guess that shows why his lies are so believable when even Gods word says they will be credited . But the rest of that verse says but for a moment and just as his lies have been believed so will his moment come too

  3. How many would say that Keith Ellison behavior IS out of context with the exchange with Hannity? That PROVES that Keith Ellison Is SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK!!!! He IS PSYCHOTIC!!!

  4. Keith Ellison is complete scum. Way to go Minnesota for electing this wind-bag.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    One of the BEST Hannitys in quite some time!
    The brain dead liberals are having a melt down over the truth finally being said!

  6. Keith Ellison is a disgrace to Minnesota and the country as a whole. A typical Democrat and an Obama butt kisser. Hannity tried to have a civil conversation but that is impossible with Ellison. Ellison is full of himself. Reality, truth and justice have no place in his little brain. His lack of common sense is typical of Islam and those who worship Obama. Like Obama, he is a waste of space and air.

  7. LOL he is such a POS it's funny, or would be if he weren't so pathetic.

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