Video: Dem Blames Bush For Fast And Furious

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) makes me sick in how far she will bend over backwards as an apologist for Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

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  1. This woman is so out of touch with reality!!! She blames Bush?? She has mental health issues

  2. Makes me ashamed to say I live in TEXAS. She is an idiot and everyone here knows it. She keeps winning because she is like the rest of them, not a lick of sense, hates white people and thinks they deserve everything for all the years their great great grandpappys were slaves. Funny, we never owned slaves when I was a kid, have none now, my great greats came to TX from TN and Kentucky….and they never owned slaves. I have to tell you, if they were like HER, who in their right mind would want to??? Hateful, spiteful old witch.

    • RacerJim says:

      No need for you, or any other Texan, to be ashamed. She’s the one who should be ashamed…of her racist self.

      • Is this the same knuckle dragging dumbass that actually thought we had planted a US flag on MARS??? Steven King can't write crap like this!

  3. Miss Lee
    get out of the goverment , the next thing you will do , is trow the race kard in, du nitwit, ob and holder are the onse that are leing, you dog pup

  4. sean murry says:

    Another nit wit you guys there have some winners.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If it was all Bush's fault, then supply the documents that was demanded and prove it. Simple.
    All that was missing in her comment was saying everyone was a racist for demanding the truth.

  6. What is this guy smoking? Wait…that's a WOMAN?!! D:

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