Video: David Gregory: Obama Clearly Understands Mandela

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, host David Gregory used the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela to compare Obama’s difficulties to those of Mandela: “Mandela refused to be consumed by hatred and insisted on working toward a common purpose with his political foes.” Gregory continued with “Mandela also faced obstacles. And while Obama only met the South African leader once, Mister Obama clearly understands the meaning of Mandela.” Really? Can anybody cite an example of Obama working toward a common purpose with his political foes?

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  1. Oh, poor Obama. He's struggling so hard. He just cant seem to get ahead. People just don't understand him. He's the victim. Boo-hoo-hoo. Puh-lease. When a (supposed) president works so hard to undermine the very country he's supposed to be representing, he's anything but the underdog. This man has worked so hard to gain more power while he's been in office. He doesn't represent anyone except for himself. Obama stands for Obama, not you, not the Democrats, and definitely NOT the USA. This man is clearly ruling with a vengeance and MSNBS wants to do the cheer leading? Give me a break.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    David Gregory is a Obutthole poster child for Pres. Obangme to actually compare Mandela to Oblowjob is lunacy. Mandela didn't have the South African press on his side or the TV reporters,he had to go it alone.Mandela never had ass kissers like David Gregory ,Chris Matthews and 100% of democraps willing to do what ever the Sand Monkey wants.If the colored people over there were like the ones over here who didn't get beat or thrown in jail for nothing except for when the democrats treated them like dirt in the south.In conclusion Obutthole has it made and we can only wish him in jail wearing a nice orange jumpsuit instead of wasting taxpayes money in Hawaii with Grape ape and the niglets.

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