Video: Cruz Slams Hagel On Past Comments

Senator Ted Cruz cornered Chuck Hagel about an interview in 2009 on a foreign news station where he agreed with a caller saying that Israel had committed “war crimes.” Cruz then asked Hagel about he comment he made on the Senate floor accusing Israel of a “slaughter” of terrorists. Hagel answered both questions by saying that he needed “context” but that he believe Israel has a right to defend itself.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Ted Cruz is refreshing but the democraps will fall in lockstep with Adolph Obuma our new fuehrer.Thank God we have people like Cruz.

  2. We need 100 more Senators like Cruz! I stand with Cruz the whole way! He is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale government!

  3. TILLIE POPE says:

    IN PERSONALLY having been around ted cruz..during his campaign in texas,

    having been around TED CRUZ during his campaign in and around AUSTIN TX

    I found him to be honest trust worthy, believable and he has proven my judgment of him, he is all he said he would be and more, thank you Senator I am very proud of you,, appreciate all the flack you have taken in defending our constitutional rights.

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