Video: Cruz Beats Senate Gun Witnesses At Statistics Game

Senator Ted Cruz cornered United States’ attorney John Walsh with statistics concerning the effectiveness of the assault weapons ban in the early 1990s. Although both witnesses conceded that the ban did not have a statistical effect on gun crime, both still believe it needs to be reactivated. Cruz kept pounding Walsh with statistics until Walsh’s only argument was that if the ban were in place longer, he thinks it might have made a significant impact.

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  1. I learned a few years ago that at least one definition of insanity is "to repeat doing something that has repeatedly failed, over & over again, expecting a different result." Like many other issues with the federal government lately, obviously the push for the so-called 'assault weapons' ban falls into this category. Our government has been spending money hand over fist with the notion that if they keep spending, eventually one of the gush of federal dollars will restore or rebound he economy. This has not worked here after repeated programs infusing money. Now we are told if we would only implement or restore this weapons ban, it will finally work. We have also been told that more weapons will equal more crime. Yet over the past four years, gun ales have skyrocketed to tens of millions more guns, and crime has dropped… even during a recession.

    • There has been a decrease of 49% of Violent Crime (including Homicide by Firearm) over the past 20 years (with the highest rate of decrease starting after the Original "Assault Weapons Ban" had "Sunset" and the decrease has snowballed from there). The only areas where this decrease has NOT affected are those cities with Restrictive Gun Control Laws…and why is this? Because Criminals know that in those Cities where the Restrictive Gun Laws are in place, they don't have to fear someone on the other side of the door having a weapon.

  2. So obviously we could conclude that more guns equals "less" crime, not more crime. Government has a bad habit of taking numbers and attempting to make those numbers tell whatever story fits their agenda. And the agenda we are learning about over these last few yeas, is the one where many of our political class adamantly want this nation to become a socialist style state. Legislation and proposal and regulation & policy and more coming out of Washington, all add up to a huge effort to sell the public on the idea we all should join the collectivist march in lockstep, moving directly into a socialist state government. The bunk just get stranger and more dangerous with each & almost every proposal they put forward. One day, the public might realize this drivel they spew, is a call to end self government by the people so that a select cabal of ideologues & the wealthy, can seize power over all of us. That would mean the end of individual liberty & another nation that falls into government slavery. Hope the folks wake up in time!

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    When are people going to realize the gun bans and national registratio…er.. background check is just a guise for firearm confiscation.
    This is how it started in Canada. This is how it started in Australia.
    This is the next step in oblameo's Socialist agenda.
    Let's stay America. Home of the Brave, Land of the Free!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I hope they wake up soon because it seem like nobody cares until it effects them.They don't see far enough down the road.Chris Reever never cared about paralysis until he couldn't stay on his horse and became a paralysis victim.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        It seems like this faux 'sequestration armageddon' is waking many up.
        When even the brain dead liberals are speaking out against their king, there has to be hope.

  4. And PIGS MIGHT FLY if they had wings!!!

  5. NO Assault weapon has EVER been used!!!

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